American Horror Story (S07E07&08) "Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag & Winter of Our Discontent"


Episode seven stats with a flashback from 1968 starring Lena Dunham as American feminist and author Valerie Solanas who is known for the attempted murder of Andy Warhol played by Evan Peters. Lana played her character well and got all the frustration of Valerie as a female artist used up by men and she ends up shooting Andy.
In present-day kai successfully wins the election because of the staged mass shooting and Ally is sent to the psych ward. Bebe Babbitt the girlfriend of Valerie warns the Cult girl about Kai and tells her stories of Valerie and “SCUM: Society for Cutting Up Men”, and claims that they were Jigsaw killer. Ironically they killed more women than men. So, Beverly, Avy and Winter join up with her, one of the reasons they joined her is because Kai is putting them at arm’s length and using them and they were realizing it, They didn’t even know about how Kai used Meadow. The girls lured Harrison to Ivy’s restaurant and questioned him about the meadow and upon making sexist comments killed him. While Beverly was reporting the news kai and Bebe watch her sitting together on the couch.
It like 36th time something different and conflicting happened and Kai was behind it all. This season there’s only one strong character and he’s been in control from episode one, It’s getting a little boring, He’s like the new Jessica Lange or Lady Gaga of this season. Ally was missing from that episode, later we found out that she was in a psych ward for three weeks.
Episode eight starts with Kai and Vincent having a conversation and Vincent realizing that what a psychopath his brother is and he needs to be stopped. Winter, Beverly, and ivy are working in the kitchen, serving food to kai’s bodyguards and being disrespected by them. Winter assures Beverly and Ivy that Kai is not a bad person and tell them what happened two years ago at Halloween. They were held captive and terrorized by a deranged pastor.
Vincent arrives at Ally’s and shows her his family photo and reveals that Kai is her brother and she recognizes Winter from the photo and realizes how the cult was operating and terrorizing her. she blames Vincent for exposing her info to Kai but Vincent claims that Kai must’ve stole them. Vincent promises her that he will get Kai commited.
In next scene, Kai convinces Winter to have a kid in a holy ceremony in which Samuels enters her and he enters Samuels and perform a threesome, In the middle of intercourse Winter leaves in disgust, Ally invites Kai to her home and tells her about plans of his brother in return for promise that he’ll help return his son to her.
Samuels picks up Winter in car and tells her his story of how he became the “Bitch of Kai” and attempts to rape Winter to fulfill Kai’s wish and Winter shoots her and blames it all on Beverly.
In the last scene, they bring Vincent and Beverly to the basement of Kai’s house and Kai first kills his older brother while winter watches. Then he and Beverly have a heated argument and blame each other of betraying each other, he sends her to torture her later and introduce a new member to the cult Ally.
We all saw it coming miles away that Ally will join the cult but join like that is really underwhelming and Kai is still in control of everything. Ally got a little strong and overcame her phobias but joined up with Kai in that manner is not so very impressive.
I rate these episodes as 7.5/10