Slasher (S02E08) "The Past is Never Dead"

Season Finale, this season has been a wild ride, with so much horror, so much death; I like it! This is the episode that is definitely and I mean definitely the plot twister of the entire season. I really didn’t think of this being the possibility of the person revealed to really be the killer being the killer. I mean it does make sense but at the same time its like really?
So with this being the last episode we all knew it would come full circle in how everything went down that day and night leading up to the death of Talvinder (Melinda Shankar). And after all that we’ve seen its no surprise in why they killed that Talvinder, I mean hell she couldn’t even answer Susan (Kaitlyn Leeb) in the flashback part of who Talvinder really is which is sad at age 20 you would think you would know a little bit about who you really are. But I guess its also really hard to know if everyone is always judging you for things you have done or something who really knows.
In present day, we see Judith (Leslie Hope) trying to bargain with Wren (Sebastian Pigott) on who to kill and who not to kill at first he was all game with that agreement. But then when a newcomer comes for answers things get complicated. Janice (Kimberly-Sue Murray) comes up to the cabin to find out what happened to her boyfriend Gene. When Janice finds out she immediately starts thinking that Peter (Lovell Adams-Gray) did it but he then explains and she agrees to take one person down to the town with her and so the community or whats left of it agrees Dawn (Paula Brancati) will go down with Janice.
When the two leave, Judith goes to her room to try to calm Wren down only to find out that Wren is not really there. He’s all in Judith’s head revealing that Judith is really the killer with a split personality disorder. Judith then tries fighting Wren but he is too strong and takes control; Peter then goes to recover Mark’s body.  But when Peter realizes that it was not like how Judith told them it went down when she shot Mark, Peter rushes back in hope to save Keira (Madison Cheeatow) from Judith.
In the flashback of five years ago, after the group killed Talvinder, horrifyingly and gruesomely bludgeoning her face in with the same rock over and over and over again to make it a horrifying mess. The group chooses to frame another counselor by the name of Owen aka Wren (Sebastian Pigott). So yes there really was a Wren back then and he even had a picture of him and Judith looking happy in it. When Owen went to jail he wrote a letter to his mother Judith, that said he knew he was framed by the five “friends” and pleaded for her to seek revenge upon those that wronged him and wronged Talvinder. Owen then hanged himself in his jail cell.
In the present day, Peter gets back to the cabin to help Keira only to find out shes not breathing. Keira has been exposed to Carbon Monoxide poisoning and once realized Peter takes her outside away from the fumes in hopes the fresh air that goes into her lungs will save her. Meanwhile Janice and Dawn get to the river only to be apprehended by the killer, the killer kills Janice but once Dawn got shot she faked being dead in hopes to just swim down shore. When Judith gets to the tower of worship that she made out for her son, she meets Peter and unconscious Keira there. Judith tells Peter he has a choice to either let himself live and have Keira die by a gun shot or have himself die and she lives. Peter doesn’t agree to it and with a standoff with both Judith and her split personality of Owen, he eventually chooses to agree to Judith’s terms of who lives. Peter puts the rope along his neck and jumps having to struggle before his body truly hangs.
When Keira wakes up she is in full sadness over seeing Peter’s body hanging and cries but sees a note written by Peter that is addressed to Talvinder’s parents. When she reads the note she takes it with her in hopes to send this letter to Talvinder’s parents. When a couple of hunters go to try to find some food to hunt one of the hunters (Pedro Arce) finds Dawn’s bloodied body begging for help.
Months later, Keira goes to meet Dawn at the courthouse, when the two of them meet they exchange words and Dawn tries blaming everything on herself but Keira assures her it was all Judith who killed those people and not her. The two of them walk into the courthouse to have the trial begin. Judith right across the street says to Wren her split personality they will wait for Dawn to get out and when the time is right they will kill her as planned.
I hope you all have enjoyed reading my reviews for this season and I hope there will be more stories to be told through more seasons. I guess we will have to wait and see!