Family Guy (S16E04) "Follow the Money"

It’s a gift from Grand’pa Pewterschmidt to Chris. Happy Birthday! He gives a dolla$ bill and a birthday card , sealed with a cough.
This special gift is delivered by Cleveland. He’s a mailman, “I never knew!”  A dolla$?! What?! Chris throws it to the floor; Stewie picks it up, gladly! 29 cents more he can make a purchase on itunes! #mysharona.  Yes, he’s a baby!
In his joy, Stewie runs to find, Brian. He’s having a”hair of the dog” morning & an eye opening coffee  “sweetened” with whiskey…or vodka! Hoda Kobt, #todayshow starts her day the same! And she’s on #thesethcarpet. Just like that!
Brian claims he’s fine, no drinking problems.  Stewie bets the dolla$ bill he that he can’t go one day without… Petah snatches the dolla$ before he can finish, placing his bet “Cause he’s a dumb baby”. #smarterthanyou Obviously he’s unaware, Stewie can talk, drive, time travel and sing a show tune! 🎤♩He gives Stewie a spoon in exchange to pacify 
Peter puts the buck in his pocket, loose & visible. I’m waiting for he other shoe to drop. It didn’t.
Peter exchanges the dolla$ with Tom, the newscaster, who tips Mort for coffee. We cut to Lois & “The Chicken” who should be a Rooster having coffee. Why?! They’re great friends.  I never knew! Wifey chicken, who is actually a hen, is jealous that the red heads are friends.
With a few words of nasty between the lady birds “they throw down”  & fight in  chick style. They’re doing “The “Windmill”, but not quite. It’s more like an aggressive patty cake.
They rumble, stumble & bump into a slow witted, Nerf Football Star; breaking his arm. But he picks up the dolla$ & loses it to a couple of motor bike riders, who run him down, while he’s chasing his girlfriend.#longestrunonsentenceever
We find the dolla$ stuck to the windshield of one of the bikers. The wind blows it onto the ‘hood of many funny arms. At this point, I’m only watching to see The End.
A Homing Pigeon picks up the dolla$ & stops by Peg leg, the barnacle sailor.  He writes his number on the back, in case the attention starved Meg decides to join him for Indian Food. I’ve never acquired a taste for it.  She takes the number on the dolla$!  
We finally get some movement, when Gran’pa, brings Chris a frame for his dolla$. Why?! It’s rare. GW & BF (Washington & Franklin) are both on the front. It’s a major misprint; its greater than rare!  What?!!They begin a town search. Remember Meg has it & she’s sitting near with earbuds in. #deaf 
It’s later found in the place wher all dolla$ bills go to die, “da club” (strip) Here it is deemed useless, as was most of this episode. 
However, there are moments: for example:  
Stewie attempts to dry out Brian. They end up in a drug house with an incompetent Dr & Cleveland’s son, a strong arm type in a shoot out; Home Invasion! 1f605 - Family Guy (S16E04) "Follow the Money"
A house rat picks it up & runs through the Drunken Clam, to rest & catch it’s breath! 🐀 Then while running thru the street, Mayor West on a hover board  & always kind to animals, picks it up & Lyft’s it thru traffic. Mayor West lives! I’ll continue to enjoy his presence, thru out the season & until the very end. Rest in Paradise, Adam West. Episode saved
Yet it further validates why I hate old, wrinkly money & wash my hands, thoroughly whenever handling.  #dirty1f637 - Family Guy (S16E04) "Follow the Money"1f61d - Family Guy (S16E04) "Follow the Money" Who knows where it’s been! 
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