Supernatural (S13E01) "Lost & Found"

The boys are back!!! YASSSSS! I’ve been waiting you guys, for ages for there return! Season 13 was my #1 thing on my to watch list for this year. I’m mainly excited for this season because I already know there going to have a lot of new enemies because of the birth of Lucifer’s child. An I’m ready for it, so no more chit chat, time for the review!

What was this episode about?

The boys are truly back & we start off where we left off. Crowley & Rowina are dead, Mary & Lucifer are trapped in a different dimension, & on top of it all Castiel is dead. But here’s the bonus, Jack is fully born & in search of his father. How are the boys going to handle Jack? Dean wants him dead but Sam wants to know just what exactly there dealing with. Neither are seeing eye to eye again, this won’t end well.

Who’s in this episode?

The characters played in this episode are: Dean (alive & mad as hell), Sam (alive), Jack (has slight impulsive anger issues but is sort of kind), Sheriff Christine (the confused but helpful cop), Clark (the Sheriff’s son), & Castiel (dead on the table at the cottage).

What did I like about this episode?

The new theme song for “The Road So Far” opening scenes.
The color of Jack’s glowing eyes & yellow hue glowing powers.
Mary still lives! But Lucy (Lucifer) is going to use her as a pawn. (Really, find a way home first! Then do that.)

What didn’t I like about this episode?

Dean hurting himself after praying for help. I can tell throughout this whole episode he was suffering. An to loose so damn much in one night takes a huge toll on anyone. They may have lost people they care about before but not like this.
The angels showing up (again) my gosh! What’s next the British Men of Letters & comrades from another country?! (I hope not..I’m tired of The Men of Letters at this point.)

What scene did I like the best?

My all time favorite scene was Jack’s yell after being shot at. The boy’s were literally knocked out all night long. I found that pretty cool.

What is next to come?

Next to come up is well…they need help. So it looks like the boys will be going to an old friend or a nephilim expert (or enthusiast) for help on Jack. Not sure, but he does look familiar. Well whatever they do, they need a plan & fast. If they got angels after them who knows what’s next, plus they need all the advice they can get.
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