Supernatural (S13E02) "The Rising Sun"

New Villain alert! New villain alert! Dear gosh another freaking Over Powered villain that I may love or hate. Usually all the new villains I hate or find irritating cause they just won’t die. But this one, oh boy, might be a pain for awhile.

What was this episode about?

In the last episode Dean agrees with Sam on bringing Jack back to the bunker. But still wants him dead while Sam wants the kid alive to probably help get there mom back. Yet they do have another issue besides babysitting, another Prince of Hell. Then there is also an ex-prophet that comes to give advice..well sort of.

Who’s in this episode?

The characters played in this episode are: Dean (still moody), Sam (trying to understand Jack), Jack (still learning new things), Asmodeus (Southern Accent Prince of Hell), Lucifer (the same as ever, he’ll always be my favorite), Mary (no longer giving a damn), Donatello (trying to be helpful), & Michael (Alternate Universe version).

What did I like about this episode?

Jack mimicking Deans every move while eating burgers & drinking beers. He’s slowly but surely learning.
We finally meet a new Prince of Hell. An I have a feeling he’s going to be a southern peace of work for the boys.
I’m happy Mary got away from Lucifer. (Well only briefly though.)
To be honest, I’m actually glad Sam is trying to get along with Jack. An also understand him more & help Jack understand why everyone is arguing so damn much around him.

What didn’t I like about this episode?

Asmodeus trying to make Jack open a Gate to Hell to let out another creature…tha NO ONE WANTS TO FREAKING DEAL WITH! NOPE! Close it! It was enough dealing with Levithans those few seasons ago, not this!

What scene did I like the best?

Karma coming back for Lucy (Lucifer). He was going to use Mary as an exchange for his son but now Alternate Universe Michael wants to use Lucifer. Since his Lucifer is dead, why not.
The smoke like effect that Asmodeus has when taking away an appearance.

What is next to come?

While still trying figure out how to control Jack’s powers (or find a way to kill him). They still have to do the family business, an who doesn’t want to deal with a psychotic rythe? Grab the guns boys, it’s time for a hunt.
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