The Good Doctor (S01E02) "Mount Rushmore"

Apologies for the late reviews for The Good Doctor, been busy. But here they are. I will be doing the same format of how I do all my reviews. I hope you enjoy reading.  🙂

What was this episode about?

After Shaun was accepted into working in the hospital there were still other doctors that didn’t approve of him working there. Even Dr. Neil who puts him on grunt work this episode ( which is basically his way of saying he doesn’t like Shaun ) is even still moody with how serious Shaun is taking this job. I mean, what do you expect! To him this is a learning experience but sadly to Dr. Neil it’s him getting Shaun out of his hair. But with him putting Shaun on this job & getting frustrated he also is making Shaun send people home. An let’s just say, some of them shouldn’t have left the hospital at all.

Who’s in this episode?

The character played in this episode are: Dr. Shaun, Dr. Marcus ( ugh, I’m tired of him), Dr. Glassman ( I find him a kind old man ), Dr. Brown ( she’s trying, I guess ), Dr. Neil (I feel as though he’s a damn jerk), & Dr. Jared ( a little to obsessed or excited with wanting to do certain operations on people.

What did I like about this episode?

Shaun’s excitement for going to work, He’s such a ball of sunshine.
I will forever say this but I love how blunt Shaun is.
Dr. Marcus ( I’ll give him 10pts just for this moment) told Shaun t stay during the surgery even though Dr. Neil didn’t want him to.
Shaun taking his scouting job very seriously but at least he’s learning from it. (sort of)
Shaun basically saving that little girls life! It was moments like this that I was screaming, “PLEASE MAKE IT IN TIME!”

What didn’t I like about this episode?

Dr. Neil being a total ass! Making Shaun basically send people home. Which I found a bad thing cause that little girl could have died if Shaun didn’t hope in that car to go to there house.
Lying. I get that your saving people from fear but lying to them of what they have is wrong. People can die that way if they don’t know what there actual condition is.

What scene did I like the best?

Shaun not giving up on trying to get the young girl to the hospital. The whole scene of the flashback with his brother to the present of what he should do was amazing. I’m glad he took his brother’s advice.

What is next to come?

In the next step of Shaun’s journey, he will be handling an organ delivery. Sounds exciting but will he & Dr. Brown make it in time to give it to the patient? We’ll have to wait and see next week.
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