The Good Doctor (S01E03) "Oliver"

You know how most people do a 5 episode rule for a series, well I don’t. It only takes me two episodes to know if I will stay with a series or not. An I definitely plan to stay with this TV Series! It’s amazing!  🙂 

What was this episode about?

Two major surgeries will be underway at the hospital: Chuck who’s in need of a liver; Claire & Shaun are on organ delivery & communication between the two is hard. An Dr. Marcus is being highly above himself on being “perfect” with this surgery on the VIP Patient. But will all truly go well.

Who’s in this episode?

The characters being played in this episode are: Dr. Shaun, Dr. Brown, Dr. Neil, Dr. Jared, Police Officer ( the one driving Shaun & Claire back to the hospital ), VIP Patient ( he needed his check fixed, he loves cigars ), Jessica Preston, & Allegra Aoki.

What did I like about this episode?

Shaun’s odd interaction with his neighbor & the cat laying outside his patio.
Claire actually wanting to connect with Shaun. She does find it hard to talk with him. But at least she’s making an effort unlike the others.
Claire figuring out that Shaun doesn’t like questions.
Glassman giving hard advice to that damn cocky Dr. Marcus. He deserved it to, highly.
Shaun & Claire’s quick surgery on the liver before reaching the hospital. They make a good team.

What didn’t I like about this episode?

Dr. Marcus cockiness & stubbornness irritates me highly! We het that your a big shot but being a bi shot all the time isn’t a good thing. That’s probably why they suggested him a second doctor because of his damn attitude! Like dang, there is nothing wrong with asking for help man.

What scene did I like the best?

Shaun & Glassman’s breakfast or lunch moments together. I just find it so touching & there like there own little family.
Shaun making great predictions on the weather & what to use to cool the liver down.

What is next to come?

In the next step of Shaun’s journey, things will be heating up in the hospital. All the doctors will really have to pull themselves together if there going to save this mother & child.
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