The Good Doctor (S01E04) "Pipes"

I’m on a roll, 4th episode of this season. This season is really starting off amazing but I know every new episode will be more emotional then the next. We just have to grab our tissues & keep watching.

What was this episode about?

In this episode we are dealing with a life or death situation. The pregnant mother wants the surgery done to save her baby, no matter what happens. But the husband doesn’t because he would be losing his wife. Another patient is dealing with embarrassment & feeling a bit ashamed for the job she’s does. Which is probably her jobs fault as to why she’s at the doctor & will need surgery.

Who’s in this episode?

The characters being played in this episode are: Dr. Shaun, Dr. Neil, Dr. Brown, Dr. Marcus, Dr. Jared, Dr. Glassman, Jessica Preston, Allegra Aoki, the Pregnant Mother, and the Worried Father.

What did I like about this episode?

Glassman really cares for Shaun to the point that he literally comes to his apartment late at night to find a screw driver. I’m glad he helped him because he was having a full on panic attack.
The serious but adorable bed talk between Dr. Neil & Jessica. (You don’t exactly see them interact in the series much.)
Dr. Marcus is actually being nice to Claire & Shaun…but I have a feeling there’s a more deeper plan at hand though.

What didn’t I like about this episode?

Dr. Neil. He’s supposed to help Shaun with talking out loud or trying not to scare patients. But instead in my opinion he still treats Shaun like crap!
Glassman trying to get an aid to help him out but Shaun doesn’t need one. He’s been doing fine on his own for a long time now.

What scene did I like the best?

The operation scene for the mother & baby. I was so worried about them both through the whole thing! Just thinking, “Please live, please go well, I don’t want to have to cry this episode! Please! Please go well!”

What is next to come?

In the next step of Shaun’s journey, he literally deals with a young man that looks identical to his dead brother. How will he deal with this? An also, how will Shaun deal with trying to keep it a secret that the boy has cancer?
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