The Good Doctor (S01E05) "Point Three Percent"

This episode actually hit me in the feels, like dang! I knew these episodes would get more emotional…my feels!

What was this episode about?

In this episode Shaun befriends & tries to help a young man named Evan, who looks exactly like his deceased brother. While the other doctors deal with a parent who doesn’t get along at all with his son but has some deadly allergic reactions. Were dealing with loss & false hope this episode, so I think we may need some tissues this episode.

Who’s in this episode?

The character being played are: Dr. Shaun, Dr. Glassman, Dr. Neil, Dr. Claire, Dr. Jared, Evan’s Parents, & Evan.

What did I like about this episode?

The new patient Evan looks exactly like his deceased brother.
Shaun asking Claire to lie for him because he can’t do it. Shaun is too honest & blunt towards people (which is a good thing but he sucks at lying).
All the little conversations that Shaun & Evan have together. They made it seem as though as though they were catching upon old times or something. It was sweet.

What didn’t I like about this episode?

Nothing, everything seemed okay to me this go round. It was just such a very deep episode.

What scene did I like the best?

This is kind of hard because the whole episode was one exciting roller coaster ride for me. A man & a son who can’t see eye to eye but both miss the main woman that kept them together. And Shaun basically trying his best to save the boy but is wrong an must learn to let go. All of it was so very touching that I can’t just pick one scene this episode.

What is next to come?

The next step in Shaun’s journey, is a very intense situation. Shaun will really be tested this go round for there dealing with a whole bus full of injured people. To be honest, I don’t think Shaun will be able to handle all of this….this one will really be a big one.
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