Interview with Rukiya Bernard

Hey my readers, today I had the privilege of interviewing again Ms. Rukiya Bernard who as you all know acts on the television series Van Helsing as Doc. In my opinion Doc is quite handy and this season on Van Helsing has been quite a ride so far for her character. Also I have to give thanks to Kyle Cassie who took this photo of Rukiya Bernard that I got online. Ms. Bernard, I’m really honored to be able to interview you again, it’s truly exciting to be able to have another interview with you especially since it was fun the last time I did it. But I truly thank you for the time you’re taking to be able to answer these questions.

Q 1) When Van Helsing Season 2 first started earlier this month, was there anything that you were or still are very excited for the fans to see?

I was excited for so much. This 2nd season is lit and there are so many surprises around every corner. I was so excited for Axel’s official return, for Julius and what’s happened to him, for the new characters like Lucky and Jolene. So much.

Q 2) In Van Helsing, do you think Doc and Vampire Axel are going to make it to Vanessa in one piece or will something bad happen to one of them? I’m hoping nothing bad happens to Doc though.

LOL – thanks! In this world there are no guarantees and I don’t think Doc nor Axel are really in “one piece.” So much has happened to both of them. What’s another vampire battle? I hope they make it but of course it is Van Helsing and surprises always happen.

Q 3) I noticed in the last episode ‘Love Bites’ when Vanessa lost Dylan which totally broke my heart that everyone who Vanessa turned back to human had a strange feeling that was given to their heart or their soul, what do you think happened to everyone when they had that scream call out to all of the characters including yours?

Ya I think you’re right. I think since we have her blood coursing through us, we feel her in a sense. Especially when the one thing she lives for has been taken from her. Kudos to Kelly for that scene – she got everyone crying.

Q 4) If Doc ever met back up with Flesh, or Mohammad or any of the old gang, do you think they would still trust Doc or do you think the old group will never see her the same way again?

I don’t know. Maybe Mohammed would trust her. He wasn’t there for it. What she did was unthinkable – once trust is broken there’s never really any going back, is there.

Q 5) If Doc ever met Lucky what do you think her thoughts would be about her?

I think Doc would respect her – she’s so badass and honest – kinda like Vanessa in a way and Doc has respect for straight forward women. Women who are decisive – something she struggles with and I think secretly admires.

Q 6) If Axel does become human once again do you think he will have regained trust towards your character Doc or do you think he will be arrogant about everything?

Arrogant? I don’t know – Doc killed him – in essence. That’s a tough one…I hope so…

Q 7) What’s one word you would use to describe the next episode of Van Helsing?


Q 8) It’s not Van Helsing related, but I noticed that you went back to Supernatural series for an upcoming episode of the current season, what was that like returning to the Supernatural series?

I had a blast shooting SPN again. That show is so much fun and the boys are a riot and so down to earth. I laughed so much shooting that episode – you’d never know.

Q 9) If you could take one actor or actress from Van Helsing cast out on a night on the town, who would it be and why?

That’s hard to say – while shooting we do that anyway. Like we’ve had many a fun night with the cast and crew. But if I had to choose I think I’d love to do an all girls night with Kelly, Andrea, Laura, Caroline, Gia and of course from season 1 Hilary and Allison and one of our writers Jackie and Sookie. Ya I think the ladies of VH would tear up the town.

Q 10) Last question because I know you’re a busy lady, with everything that has happened so far in the Van Helsing series do you think Doc has changed in any way?

Absolutely. I think she’s in the process of changing and is being tested at everyone moment.
We’ll see how it all turns out for her though…