Scorpion  (S04E05) "Sci Hard"

With every episode Scorpion get better and better. It’s never a bore to watch an episode of Scorpion and episode 5 was no different. It was an action fun packed episode that was enjoyable to watch and as always thus series always delivers.
The episode began with a nervous Walter attending to quote Paige “A nerd galla”. We learn that Walter was on probation due to give the members explosive diarrhoea and was hoping Paige would charm her way out of the mess he was in but sadly it didn’t pan out.
Due to Cabe’s charges Homeland took back all their resources that were at Cabe’s disposal, leaving him gun less and car less and due to the situation he buys a used car that is in bad condition  which even Happy is reluctant to fix, as it requires a lot of her time and effort. 
The team with the exception of Sly all decide to head out to techsplosion where Walter and Paige set up a booth but due to Cabe’s mistake Happy and Toby are delayed from arriving . Cabe ends up testing out a device called the senseless 3000 which blocked out the outside thus he was unaware of the four gun men who entered and took over the whole place .
The main purpose of their attack was to steal money out of Richard’s new project he was about to launch. The gun men send out a video to the public informing that they would kill people unless every data in Elia servers were erased to hide their true agenda. Happy and Toby inform Cabe on the situation as he was completely oblivious of what had happened and he takes down two of the gun men proving just how badass he is with or without a gun. 
Sly gets an emergency message causing him to rush out of the bar exam and help the team and as always he pulls through. But he gets caught and the supervisor thinks he’s cheating but he manages to prove he wasn’t and explains himself which ended up impressing him. 
Walter and Vidal (a member of the nerd gala who hates Walter due to the explosive diarrhoea incident ) bicker about who’d hack faster which ended up with them working together.  They discover that the programme wasn’t complete thus with the help of Sly and Cabe they manage to fool the men by creating a phony site . 
After the men thought the money had been wired to their account they left with Cabe hot on their heels in pursue with his beat down car. He manages to catch them and in the process the cassette  that was stuck in the stereo came out fixing one of the car’s problem. 
After ensuring everyone’s safety Sly discovers time had run out and he hadn’t completed the exam. He left feeling defeated as he thought he had failed the bar exam.  Back at the garage  Toby and Happy come up with yet another acronym to lead their marriage life on which is quite amusing. As for Sly he frantically tries to search for a loophole to help Cabe to which Cabe tells him he tried his best and he is grateful for having friends like him. Cabe’s car breaks down and the team help him push it and while doing so Sly gets a message informing him he passed since he had answered 70% of the exam and he had gotten everything correct. 
This episode focused on a very important societal need of people acceptance.  It showed us that everyone seeks acceptance from people in the society irregardless of their status and people shouldn’t focus too hard on that and let it hinder their performance on things they love to do. The characters also are developing as we see Walter apologise to Vidal he’s come along way from his low EQ days and as for Sly his confidence is growing by the episode which shows just how much he has grown the writers are doing an amazing job with the characters and plots as they always manage to leave us satisfied with every episode .  
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