Supergirl (S03E01) "Girl Of Steel"

The first trailer at SDCC comic- con 2017 had given a taste of the overall ‘darker’ aura which the show would be persuing in its third season and this premiere episode certainly proved that being Supergirl was all that mattered to our titular hero.
What I love about the show is that it explores the different facets of Kara- she is a warm sunshine but is also able to raise a storm in a teacup. She is kind and helpful even after facing immense amounts of trauma. But that kindness is a choice she makes. So what happens if Kara chooses not to be so positive all the time.
Kara Danvers and Kara zor-el are the human and the kryptonian personas who are in conflict here. In the wake of sending her boyfriend away to ensure his own safety, Kara feels that ultimately she gets abandoned all the time by people she meets, whether it’s her parents, her aunt or even her boyfriend. So the most obvious solution in the wake of this pain is to shut down the part which actually makes her feel, which is the human persona- of Kara Danvers and live on with the superhero persona. It’s very interesting to see that Kara isn’t actually helping because she ‘wants’ to help in this moment, but it’s a selfish need where this activity helps to keep her distracted from the pain she feels which is why when the boy she saves thanks her, she doesn’t even acknowledge him.
It’s a defense mechanism which not even her sister can break down but in the moment of need it is Mon- el’s ‘wake up’ push which gives Kara the strength she needs to overcome her odds and save the day from Bloodsport. Consequently, it also results in one of the most inspiring scenes in Supergirl’s series history- of Kara lifting a submarine over her head from the ocean as people from the waterfront gaze on. It’s almost as inspiring as the pilot episode scene, when Kara saves the plane.
It would be easy to misconstrue Kara’s pain as being the result of just her boyfriend leaving, instead it’s a deep wound which began when she first left Krypton. This is why in the dream sequence when she sees her mother after mon-el, she immediately leaves him to go hug her and never even looks backs at him. It’s also interesting to note that when Kara and Alura hug, it seems like mon-el is fading into the background. This fading into the background is also depicted when Kara realizes that she has to get her life together and rejoins Catco to help out Lena. The imagery of her messaging Lena while holding a picture of her and mon-el in the back depicts that perhaps that she will be alright and will move on. Contrasting to the whole ‘Kara is only Supergirl idea’ , it is Lena and Alura who actually have no idea of the human persona and it is their memories and presence which helps Kara is regaining her humanity.
Lena and Morgan Edge’s dynamic has me hooked to the screen and I am expecting to see more of that rivalry. Another thing which I am glad will be explored is Lena’s friendship with the other members of the supersquad in the consequence of her buying Catco.
This episode also gave us the first look and a small teaser at this season’s main villain- Reign and her powers. We can all check off super strength from the list.
The ending certainly left me on the edge of my seat after seeing Alura’s face morph into something demonic and moreover on seeing that it was Reign who was dreaming of her.
All in all, it was a phenomenal episode which hit the ground running, had really good fight scenes and a fast paced plot which kept me hooked. Onto the next now!