The Gifted (S01E04) “eXit strategy”

Oh so many wonderful moments in this episode! Once again The Gifted delivers on all fronts this week. With ample displays of mutant abilities, action, and tender moments; it’s easy to see why it is becoming a fan favourite. Each character is growing and it is truly a delight to view. It’s hard to pick a favourite moment from this entry to the series, as the build up to the showdown between Sentinel and the Underground is just as fantastic as the fight itself.
Very few mutants are willing to risk it all for just two people, but we see our core group rise quickly to take on the challenge. The plan? To intercept the transport of Reed and Polaris before they become unreachable forever. Sounds simple enough, until they realize the only way to get the information they need is by getting involved with the cartel.
The group warns Eclipse against dealing with the criminal organization, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Lorna is safe. The audience learns of his past dealings with them, and that he is expected to resume them in exchange for the convoys information. He begrudgingly agrees.
Lauren and Andy really step up, finding a way to use their powers together in a truly effective manner. It’s impressive to see how far they have come in such a short span of time. They become a key part to the recovery plan, but not with out protest from their mother.
Unfortunately when it comes time for the siblings to come through, they end up setting off their combo a hair early. This causes the entire plan to be shifted, and everyone having to act on the fly. On top of the chaos, the mutant’s powers become inactive. Panic sets in and our heroes seem to be in a losing position. Thankfully Thunderbird suspects that the source of this is an old mutant ally, with one hitch; he’s supposed to be dead. ThunderBird finds Pulse and manages to defeat him in hand to hand combat just in time for Lorna and Reed to escape.
It is a happy reunion that leaves us feeling good at the end of the episode, but one can be sure that that happiness won’t last. The season reaches its half way point next week, so there is plenty of time for more turbulence to plague our heroes.
Caitlyn is a bad ass.
Reed is a badass
Shout out to agent bad ass
Everyone is bad ass.)