The Goldbergs (S05E05) “Jackie Likes Star Trek” (100th episode)

It’s Halloween 1980-something and Adam’s biggest nightmare is about to come true. When discussing costumes for Halloween night, Adam and Jackie find out they’re on opposite sides when it comes to the Star Wars vs. Star Trek discussion. Whereas Adam is into Star Wars and wants to dress up as Han Solo and Princess Leia, Jackie would much rather like them to be Uhura and Spock. After going to Pops for help, Adam goes to Murray to ask for advice. Murray teaches him how to be a shell of a man, which works for awhile, because Adam is able to make it through 2 hours of Star Trek. However, both Bev and Jackie find out about the guys’ tampening techniques and get mad at them. While Adam and Jackie are fighting about which franchise is better, Murray and Beverly have a hilarious disagreement about towels after Murray tries to prove to Beverly that she doesn’t want his opinion.

Adam learns that what works for one couple, might not work for another and that his parents’ crazy relationship might not be the best example for him and Jackie. He realizes that, as opposed to what his dad told him, he should compromise. So to patch things up with Jackie, Adam shows up at her house as Spock and tells her in Klingon that it doesn’t matter if they have different opinions, as long as they’re together.

But that’s not the only love story of this week. Barry still really misses Lainey, especially now that he knows that she’s spending Halloween at Erica’s college. The JTP is trying to stop him from doing anything stupid, but when Lainey shows up at the Goldberg house, there’s no stopping Barry. At first Lainey tells him that there is no way that they can ever get back together, but after spending some time with Barry, she changes her mind and they go to a Halloween party together. Erica crashes the party and tells them that long distance relationships never work (which Geoff finds surprisingly exciting: “Yes! Beating the odds!”) and Lainey tells Barry it’s over again. In a very sad scene, Barry and Lainey talk and come to the conclusion that Erica was right: even though they will always love each other, they will never end up together…

In this week’s episode the whole Goldberg family dealt with relationship problems. I thought it was nice that this was the general theme of this episode. I still really like Jackie as Adam’s girlfriend and their fight was great and couldn’t be nerdier. I loved Murray’s advice for Adam and really laughed out loud when Adam tried it out on Jackie. I also thought it was nice to see more of Bev and Murray’s relationship. Like I said last week, we don’t get to see that a lot, but when we do it’s great.

The storyline between Barry and Lainey was really sad. It was fun to see Lainey back and I loved it that they are still so into each other, even though deep down I knew they couldn’t get back together because of the distance. My heart broke during the final scene between the two (and again when I rewatched it, and another time on my 3rd watch), especially when they showed us Barry was crying. It is obvious that they both mean a lot to each other, but I’m also glad they decided that a long distance relationship doesn’t work for them (I wish it could though). The long distance relationship that does work is the one between Erica and Geoff and I’m glad they are really trying to make it work.

This was The Goldbergs’ 100th episode! First of all a big congrats to the cast and crew and everybody else involved in the show. As a part of ABC’s amazing lineup of comedies, The Goldbergs has established itself as a solid performer with hilarious characters, played by a fantastic cast. The storylines, based on Adam F. Goldberg’s real life in the ’80s make the show one of the funniest comedies on TV right now. After 100 episodes, the show is as strong as ever and I think we have plenty to look forward to in the next seasons to come! Here’s to 100 more!

Episode 101 airs next week , November 1st at 8/7c on ABC!