Inhumans (S01E06) "The Gentleman's Name is Gorgon"

So we have two episodes left, two left and then we have to wait forever until ABC decides wither they want to or not renew Inhumans. But this episode it had it’s moments but it was an improvement from last weeks. Last weeks was just slow and more of a filler than an actual episode. I hate filler episodes, they are just always so slow with the story and then you have to put some blame on the studio because they are the ones who chose to do that not the writers, not the creators but the studio and when a studio has that much power over everyone it becomes sad cause then the story could go anywhere. Lets get to the review.
So we saw that Maximus (Iwan Rheon) is becoming more and more the paranoid psychopath that he is in the comics, which is a good thing because the whole character development I felt was lacking in Maximus until now. I just hope others agree because thats what I’ve observed. I mean Maximus had that nightmare about the royal family coming back to Atilan to kill him and rip him apart. If I had a nightmare like that I guess I would be paranoid too but Maximus is just crazy.
Doctor Declan (Henry Cusick) also told Auran (Sonya Balmores) about why her burns are still on her hand. Revealing that one day soon Auran will die because one day all the wounds she has regenerated from will resurface and make her hideous and then she will die. Which in my opinion I think she needs to die, she is just so uptight and the actress is just so mechanical acting with her movements. I don’t know if its because of the wardrobe or the directing of the episodes but its really getting old seeing that mechanical acting kind of look for Auran. I mean shes suppose to be a ligit bad ass not a lacky who is all “I’ll do whatever you want Maximus and then kill you” but close to the end of the episode Auran did show the same promise that she showed in the first two episodes again which I was happy about.
I really did like Karnak (Ken Leung) in this episode he had more comedic in this episode and I liked that. He was always so sure about things before but this version is nice to have it makes him less predictable and gives way for more character development for each episode its fun to have character development still going on in the full first season.
With Gorgon (Eme Ikuwakor) I mean the episode has his name in the title so I knew he was going to make a noble sacrifice or what seems like a noble sacrifice to show he is one of the strongest Inhumans of the show. I mean Gorgon can’t die, but he did with Mordis (Bridger Zadina) or at least they make it seem that way and if they do kill off Gorgon then there just might not be anymore seasons cause they can’t kill off the royal family members they just can’t!
And we got scenes with Lockjaw, I’m always happy to see that dog he is literally the best dog ever! Every time I see that dog teleport my animator feels go in full fanboy cause when I see perfect animating being done I fan boy out, don’t judge me!
Overall this episode was a good one, maybe not the greatest but definitely good!
Next Episode: Inhumans(S01E07): “Havoc in the Hidden Land” airs Friday November 3, 2017 at 9/8c on ABC