How To Get Away With Murder (S04E05) “I Love Her”

Alright folks, time to dive into the twisting world of Annalise Keating once more.
With a slow motion run in the rain we’re set to go on a Bonnie background episode. Incomparably, emotionally unstable, out for vengeance and it’s time to find out why.
We knew from previous seasons that Bonnie suffered abuse at the hands of her father (and if you’d somehow forgotten that horror we were reminded in “previously on”). What we discover now though is that her father facilitated her sexual abuse at the hands of dozens of men, including a Councilman now on trial. Who is that man defended by? None other than our Annalise. Side note – I was getting frustrated at yet another meltdown by Bonnie but after this discovery I think it’s pretty stinking forgivable.
Annalise has obvious empathy for Bonnie, and a reluctance to cause her pain, but when her job is threatened by the first chair in the trial Annalise goes to work. She decimates Bonnie on the stand, gets her client off and then feels so guilty about it she quits her job. Does this pattern seem familiar to anyone else? After leaving her firm to become a law professor she finds Bonnie and convinces her to come along. Seeing themselves in the each other our two ladies will be unstoppable.
Except that Bonnie’s love has turned to hate. Or maybe the hate was always there. Bonnie tells Isaac, in her “therapy” session that “May” (Annalise) always made her feel safe, even though she hated her. She’s convinced to repeat the phrase “I love her” which sends her into a tailspin of confession. Shortly thereafter Isaac realizes he’s been lied to and who Bonnie is.
Annalise’s professional life takes an upturn when her old cell mate and foe, Claudia, comes through with a group of prisoners willing to join the class action suit against the state. Seeing Annalise have a rare moment of levity, dancing with glee was fabulous. It’s the first time I’ve actually believed that she wants to file this suit for justice and not her own career. Which is, of course, the moment it all comes crashing down. She begins to get call after call from the prison. All her clients dropped out. Bonnie’s sabotage was totally successful.
In the world of the left behind interns the pack has effectively split into two groups. Laurel, Oliver and Michaela are the justice seekers, trying to find the truth behind Wes’s death. They do make some minute progress this episode, finding a small tie between CNG and Trent Stockton. Connor and Asher are forgotten which seems just absurd. After this long you’d think these people woyld understand that they only are successful when they stop lying to each other like a bunch of idiots.
Connor finally gets a job, back with Annalise, surprise surprise. Asher realizes that Michaela has been lying to him and looks appropriately devasted. We then flash forward to the end of the season with Asher sitting, sobbing in a jail cell. I think it’s safe to say that it’s not going to be a happy season for our favorite frat boy.
Then again, it is HTGAWM so probably not a happy season for anyone.