Mr. Robot (S03E03) ""

We went back in time in this episode, which you would think meant that we are getting some answers to the Five nine hack, the night of the season finale that is as confusing as anything. And did we get any answers? Not really.
What we know now is that Irving (Bobby Cannavale) has been involved in many happenings around the hack and around Tyrell’s (Martin Wallstrom) hiding, which was quite predictable after the first episode of the season where they let us know that Irving and Mr. Robot know each other, while Elliot (Rami Malek) wasn’t able to recognize him. We also know that the China’s president (BD Wong) was protecting Elliot in prison, which was actually presented in the second season already when he got protection from Whiterose (who IS the president).
Let’s go off the road now. Does anyone have a feeling that the creator of this show, Esmail, is trying to form a romantic relationship between Tyrell and Elliot? I keep on going back to the interview I read before the third season aired where he told us he asked Rami Malek whether there was anything he wouldn’t want to do. And then in this episode … Tyrell expressed that Elliot is the only person on this entire planet that he would be faithful to. What for? Why? Also, back to the season finale – do you remember when Tyrell said he loves Elliot?
Or maybe I’m wrong … While he was away, he was still closely monitoring Joanna (Stephanie Corneliussen) and their kid, plus feeling irritated at the thought of losing them. And he is even finding strength at the thought of them. Then … “Where is my suit? I have to look my best for Elliot.” It’s interesting. No matter what he feels or what he is thinking, I am very glad this episode was so centered on Tyrell. I believe he is an extremely interesting character and I want to know more about him, see him more often!
Otherwise, nothing really happened. It wasn’t a boring or a slow episode, but simply nothing happened. I’m excited to return to the present times of the show, Tyrell yet has to find out that Joanna was murdered and I want to see his expression. Maybe then, his feelings will be explained further, or maybe not. I also want to see Whiterose more often, who is such a badass character and has a lot of power to shape the storyline of this season. As to Angela (Portia Doubleday), even if she wouldn’t pop up in every episode, I wouldn’t mind. She has to be my least favorite character at this point.
Let’s tune in next time and pray for more answers in the meantime!