Arrow (S06E03) "Next of Kin"

John Diggle (David Ramsey) is now officialy the new Green Arrow . Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for this to stick, but it’s questionable whether it actually will … He has had a tremble and he didn’t even mention that to Oliver (Stephen Amell) yet, which are two reasons as to why this entire thing will most likely end in shambles. Nothing is certain, I’m just saying.
Speaking of Diggle … What I’ve always found funny about this show is the fact that nobody can see through the costumes. While it’s obvious to the FBI investigator that Green Arrow now seems to be missing shots, nobody realizes that he has a different posture, a different voice and even a different skin colour. That’s just funny! I know it wouldn’t make sense for the people to notice that this is not the same vigilante, because why then would Oliver plan this as a rescue, but it’s still funny.
And going to Diggle’s family … Lyla (Audrey Anderson) has been mentioned a bunch of times, but she is nowhere to be seen. They left things a bit ugly in the previous season, so I want some answers! I love them as a couple, I love their little family and I love them individually as characters. So … Where’s Lyla?!
Felicity (Emily Rickards) has been getting back in Oliver’s life, which is nice. She even tutored his son. Perfect woman, isn’t she? That’s why they shared a kiss and Oliver gave her a key to his apartment. I hope there’ll be no more drama for Olicity, just love! And Felicity and Curtis (Echo Kellum) are trying to do some more jointed work with their hacking abilities. As a fan of Mr. Robot, I’d love to see more hacktivism!
Meanwhile, Rene (Rick Gonzalez) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) have been haaaa-ters! They do not support Oliver’s decision of crowning Diggle as the Green Arrow, which is kind of reasonable, since he inserted some kind of drugs into his system at the end of the episode, for his terrible tremble. Welp … It looks like Arrow’s mission is to ruin all the good characters of the show, which they are honestly so good at!
Ah, you must have realized by now that I haven’t been speaking about the villains presented in this episode and to tell you the truth – I don’t have any intention. I know that doesn’t make any sense, since Arrow is more or less all about the villains, but … I’ll start speaking about them when they start to be cool characters. The storyline of this season has been quite nice, I like it, but the villains have sucked ever since the 4th season. That’s just how it is!
To sum this up … Better than 5th season, nicely shaped storyline, sucky villains, annoying repetition. That’d be all!