Bull (S02E05) "Play The Hand You're Dealt!"

🎵 It’s The O’Jays; Money -Money-Money Money♩…Moneyyy🎶
1f4b5 - Bull (S02E05) "Play The Hand You're Dealt!"1f3b6 - Bull (S02E05) "Play The Hand You're Dealt!" 1f4b0 - Bull (S02E05) "Play The Hand You're Dealt!"and a man is up  $17k @ the tables. WINNING!  He’s under surveillance & it looks like he’s cheating.  He’s asked to leave. He refuses. It’s been 6 months and this table owes him! He fights & hits Pat, the owner. He’s banned  here, like in every other casino, for life.  Hours later,  Pat is shot at his front door.   He’s dead.  
Meanwhile, somewhere in the City, Bull prepares to meet Marissa’s beau, Kyle (Gary Wilmes)  He’s talking to himself, trying to convince himself to be nice. “When in doubt, smile” Bull continues the mind chatter, throughout the meal. He doesn’t like him. Neither do I. #conman.
Bull’s  saved by the bell, ringtone actually when he receives a collect call. It’s Mack. He’s in jail for 1st degree murder.  Who is Mack? 
It was Vegas & 6 yrs since they had come together. Mayka Begay aka “Mack” (Nathaniel Arcand)  is an old college buddy &  former roomie.   Bull owes him and he’s the smartest guy he’s ever met. “Please Help!” What happened?  
Mack tells the tale of being found  standing over the dead body of  Pat, the casino owner & the guy he slugged. Pat had texted him to come over; all is forgiven, but he was dead when he got there. Mack called 911, then he was arrested. Murder 1. “Please help!”  
And so we enter the world of tribal law. Mack had returned to the Reservation, when he was banned from every casino in the country.  There are 13 jurors & majority rule.  Their Chief Tsole  ( Tantoo Cardinal) appoints the “lawyers”  that are not lawyers and she’s a woman. “Right on!” 👊 Although bail is seldom requested, she grants it. $100k, cash, no bond. Ouch!  This is way it’s seldom requested! Bull pulls it together; his money, most of it personal. 
Next is jury selection. It ain’t easy. “Everybody hates Mack”  He’s a jerk…& that doesn’t make him a murder. They’ll be convicting him for “Jerk’ reasons!  To know him is to loathe him. The “not lawyer”  for Mack is good, (Alex Neumeier) like a Benny 2.0.  
The story wraps with Mack running; an almost fugitive, the TAC team putting together clues & The Usual Suspects, are brought to justice. It’s  another, “Happily Ever After”  
Mack goes to Mississippi; River Boats are there!  He has a gambling problem, yet that’s another episode. The guys are now even with that college expel for the murder beef dismissal; and they’re still friends. No doubt, Mayka will be calling sometimes in the future, count on it! 
Yet probably the best part of the show, in addition to the complexities of the Tribal Legal System; We get another look into the background of Bull and his past relationships. The usual calm and very collected Jason was involved in an illegal gambling activity in college. Mack fell on his sword & took the blame. He was expelled & The Bull graduated.  Interesting, Very Interesting indeed. Again we see, “he ain’t all starch!”
Steely Dan, “Dirty Work” closes the episode. 1f3a4 - Bull (S02E05) "Play The Hand You're Dealt!"1f3b5 - Bull (S02E05) "Play The Hand You're Dealt!"1f3b8 - Bull (S02E05) "Play The Hand You're Dealt!" Another good one! 
Next Week Looks Good too. Halloween! Boo!