NCISNOLA (S04E05) "Viral"

“Viral”  is what happens when someone posts a video, to a website and it’s viewership spreads like a highly contagious virus!  It’s gossip in it’s most instant gratifying form!  This is tonight’s episode; cyber gossip & how it neutralizes the justice system in addition to:
A fugitive is on the streets; running. The whole team is in chase. Sebastian’s “got eyes” he identifies himself. “Federal  Agent, Freeze-Stop! We hear 2 shots. A man falls and it’s not the fugitive.       
  1f3b6 - NCISNOLA (S04E05) "Viral" Boom-Boom-Boom_BOOM! 1f3b6 - NCISNOLA (S04E05) "Viral"
The man on the ground is Dave Dawson and his wife is crying. Sebastian swears he had a gun and was poised to shoot him. Mattis, (Hans Obea)  the notorious  fugitive and intended, is in the wind. And where’s the gun?  Rut roh?! No gun, no cameras,  no witness’ Did he make a mistake?  
Enter Isler, Yes he’s back. It’s only been  a week?  I think he’s starting to grow on me! Alas, he’s a regular agent. He was demoted after that “Asset’ situation and is no longer, Deputy Director. He drew this case and he’s coming for Sebastian!
The FBI has a vid that’s gone viral,  it’s showing Sebastian only, leaving it one sided. Dave the tourist is on holiday with his wife; he had no gun. Even in slo mo, Sebastian’s account is not supported.  I’m wondering who released this camera phone video? 
Never the less, Isler interviews our rookie & then takes Sebastian’s badge and gun.  He’s on Admin Leave till it’s determined if this is a court case..& charges!   Isler demands the team stay out of it!  So of course…
They find Dawson is connected to Mattis, a hit man.  But how? 
Patton gives a lead. Yet neighbors in rebellion, fueled by the video, refuse to let the team into the building.  They won’t move and even start their cameras! A woman screams, they run past the crowd and into the house. Laura Dawson, Dave’s widow is dead and Mattis is gone! There is connection. They’re one step closer to freeing Sebastian, but still don’t know what Mattis wanted with the Dawsons? 
Sidebar:  The maddening crowd slowed NCIS entry into the building, a women was killed and the killer got away.,  Are they gonna let this slide?  It appears so, in this episode anyway! 
‘Meantime Loretta, desperate to assist in the release and safety of Sebastian,  goes to the mayor, her friend with a request she slow down and give the team a chance to work. She’s not kind and I think she’s turning…political. (Lord help us!) She’ll not defend or hesitate to pursue a trigger happy cop and she won’t spin a tail to pacify.  She was a hard ass & nasty to her friend. Hamilton was a murderer; yet he did have a funny bone! ..just saying
Pride takes Sebastian to the crime scene.  They need new eyes. Where’s the bullet? Sebastain does his thing and finds it; it’s glass!  So there must be a special glass gun & Mattis wants it.  He needs it to complete his assignment. The Dawson’s had it. That’s the connection.
So their mission is now clear; “find an untraceable assassin, who has an untraceable gun to kill an unidentifiable target”  “Piece of cake!  😉
Anyway, they catch the bad guy, Sebastian is cleared and the Mayor grovels to Loretta, join her campaign for Mayor.  She says o.k. if she promises not to go after her after her family again. She agrees. ‘
Speaking of family,  where are Loretta’s boys? A mention would be nice. It’s the Holiday Season.
Oh & Isler has great departing news for Dwayne; someone in D.C has it out for him.  This is why he took the case, partially to warn him, and he “owed him” They’re done now, “so be careful. Watch your back! “
Next week looks like a “must see” Country Mouse is looking fine in his dress whites  & he’s in trouble
NCIS N’AWLINS airs, Tuesdays @ 10:00 Pacific Time.  
1f44d - NCISNOLA (S04E05) "Viral"
Sidebar: Mayor Zena (Amanda Warren)  & Raymond Isler (Derek Webster) should #yoga & chill together. Both need to #slowdown  He’s in town enough to make it work!