Lucifer (S03E05) "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards"


Lucifer is back with its fifth episode of the season, this time with the beloved Charlotte Richards. That’s right, mum is back! Or is she?
Before I talk about the episode itself, let me just say how much I loved to see Trixie in the beginning of the episode, as well as Lucifer and Chloe interacting with her and Trixie and Lucifer bonding once again. Lucifer seems to feel the need to stir the mother-daughter relationship a bit, giving Trixie some rather questionable advice which leads to a beautiful bonding moment between her and Chloe at the end of the episode.
But let’s review the rest of the episode, shall we? While Chloe and Lucifer work a case, which seems to be of special interest to Dan, Charlotte Richards turns out to be the defendant’s lawyer. This seems to put Dan and Lucifer in very peculiar positions, seeing as neither of them seem to know what to do with the newly reappeared Miss Richards. The last time we saw Charlotte, Lucifer separated his mother from the woman’s body she had been using as a shell, giving it back to the rightful owner: Charlotte Richards, who now does not remember anything at all about that time.
During this episode, even though the case is clear and present, it seems even more secondary than usual. The relationships between Charlotte and Lucifer, as well as Charlotte and Dan, seem to be more in the center of the episode. Possibly giving Charlotte the room to stay or re-appear in their lives. After Daniel tries to reach out to Charlotte, who now obviously doesn’t remember him at all, he advises her to talk to Lucifer, saying the two of them had always been close. However, at first, Lucifer doesn’t believe that Charlotte coming back into their lives is just a coincidence. It takes a while for him to realise that it truly is not his mother anymore but the real Charlotte Richards who is not only missing several months of memories but is also more than confused about the new people in her life.
After some bonding time between her and Lucifer, Charlotte decides to help with the current case, getting herself into even bigger trouble then she was already in. It takes the team that is Lucifer and Chloe to help her out of it, while also solving the case.
But brief recap aside: This episode has been, in my opinion, a gap filler and a way to introduce Charlotte Richards back into the show, this time as her true self.
First things first: I’m a huge Charlotte Richards fan – the old Charlotte Richards. This version of her? Not so much. While I am grateful for the new dynamic between the characters, to me, it has not been one of Lucifer’s strongest episodes. However, I do enjoy the fact that, with Maze and Linda bein MIA at the moment, Chloe and Ella were joined by another female character, something that has been missing without our favorite doctor and demon around. Although Charlotte and Lucifer now seem to be becoming friends, we are yet to see how this relationship evolves, now that she is no longer his mother. It did seem as if they were possibly hinting towards something more between the both of them – hopefully just hinting.