The Gifted (S01E05) “boXed in”

This episode was frankly the best of the season thus far. The themes and character moments were high octane from start to finish, not wasting a minute in mediocrity.
We finally get to see the confrontation between Clarice and Sonja regarding the use of Dreamer’s abilities. Many mutants are powerful in their own right, but the abilities which can manipulate the mind are particularly dangerous. They carry a heavier weight of responsibility for the user, and can easily shift the course of any battle. Dreamer’s ability to control a subjects memories is one with a slippery slope. Often powers like these cause concerns of psychic assault, especially when she can erase any knowledge of it. When Sonja uses it on Clarice, it is a rushed and therefore can be assumed not as solid of a job that Dreamer could do. It is also clear that she has used her abilities many times before, but how many were in secret? Is she really a character that can be trusted in the long run?
Another aspect of this world is explored this episode as well; casualties of innocents in the fight for mutant rights. The audience learns that Agent Turner lost his only daughter as a result of the protest riots. The scene is truly heartbreaking, but it does reveal a deeper layer to this stoic character. He unfortunately must relive this, as he is victim to an incomplete use of Dreamer’s abilities which leaves his memory displaced. It is hard to watch him go through the loss again, and even harder to see his wife be the one to tell him. This gives the other side of the fight a strong face, allowing the audience to question if Sentinel may be some what right.
One thing is for certain, the remainder of the season is sure to continue in its fantastic quality. The entire cast is delivering more than expected, leaving us craving more of every character regardless of screen time. Finally a reason to really love Monday nights!