The Goldbergs (S05E06) "Girl Talk"

To stay ahead of his competition, the Formica King, Murray has to make a commercial and asks Adam for help. Adam is happy to make a commercial for him and immediately has in mind what Murray will like: “It’ll be quick and simple, also you’ll be sitting”. However Uncle Marvin has a different plan, including explosions, car chases and furniture girls. Murray doesn’t really like all this and convinces Adam to stick to his first idea. Adam shows Murray the finished video, only to find out that Marvin hijacked it as the Silver Samurai and already sent the commercial to some local affiliates. Murray gets mad at Marvin and the brothers decide it’s best that Marvin stops working at the Ottoman Empire. Marvin takes a job at Formica King and Murray is happy about that, but when his store is full of customers who want to see the Sofa Samurai, Murray has to try to get Marvin back. He would like to come back, but only if Murray gives into his demands. He’s not willing to do that and most certainly doesn’t want to tell Marvin that he needs him.

But things at Formica King aren’t going much better for Marvin, when even the Formica King himself (played by Richard Kind) comes to Murray to tell him Marvin is messing up. Formica Mike first thinks the brothers planned to sabotage him, but Murray convinces them that they’re not smart enough to pull that off. Mike is planning to fire Marvin, so Murray hires him back and tells him they need him at the Ottoman Empire because his commercial is a hit. Marvin comes back to work and he and Murray make a new commercial together.

Meanwhile, now that his breakup with Lainey is final, Barry is out to find himself somebody else. It leads him to the Bleacher Creatures, where he asks Jamie Weisman out, but gets shot down. In order to understand girls more, Barry and the rest of the JTP invade Erica’s room. However, Girl Talk, Judy Blume books and Erica’s diary don’t help the guys at all, so the Bevenator steps in to help out as their ladybro. Barry doesn’t believe it at first, but when Bev helps Naked Rob get a girl, he wants his ladybro’s help as well. Bev gets Jamie to talk to Barry, but when Mr. Glasscott tells her that Jamie is someone with a bad attitude, Bev tries to stop Barry from dating her, but is caught between being his bro and being his mom. Barry points out to her that she’s being a mom again, showing Jamie photo albums and embarrassing him, while they are studying together and tells her he will never ask for her help again. Bev really wants to be more than Barry’s mom and liked being his bro, but it seems like she ruined it… After she realizes this, Beverly apologizes to Barry and tells him she wants to be his friend again, especially now that all kids are getting older and don’t need a mom as much anymore, but Barry doesn’t want her to be his friend, just his mom because he only has one. Beverly really wants to make it up to Barry and will “mom it up, like you’ve never seen”: she makes a scene at school about Barry’s ‘wild partying’, in front of Jamie to impress her, which works because at the end of the episode Barry and Jamie are talking again.

After a great 100th episode last week, episode 101 did not disappoint either. Uncle Marvin is one of my favorite returning characters. His ideas are just so crazy, but they always make me laugh. His interactions with Murray this episode were hilarious and I thought both Dan Fogler and Jeff Garlin were really awesome this week!

I really liked Barry’s storyline as well. Seeing Bev as a ladybro, interact with the JTP was great and I loved it that we got to see her in a bit of a different role than the usual smother. I wonder how much Jamie will be involved in future episodes. It will be interesting to see Barry with another girl on the show now that he and Lainey really seem to be over, but I’m sure it’ll give us plenty of great storylines.

Season 5 of The Goldbergs has been on fire so far! I am really loving it and I hope they can continue with all these great episodes.

We take a little break next week which means The Goldbergs will be back, with a Thanksgiving episode, on November 15th at 8/7c on ABC!