Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"

It’s an understatement to say that Sam is stretched tight.  Her three daughters alone are enough to keep her occupied for the rest of her life well into their adulthood, and that’s not even mentioning Phil.  But when you bring Sam’s exes into it, that’s another headache altogether.  We saw last week that Sam had no interest in talking to Jeff about Xander, but she’s not out of the woods yet.
arnold hall sam doesnt want to pay for xander anymore - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
Far from it, just when it seems like she’s in the clear now that she’s almost done paying financial support for Xander.    And even though she’s in this situation, Sam isn’t about to even consider sliding back together with Xander, and she makes that very clear in her conversation with Arnold Hall.
arnold hall arnold asks if sam can keep supporting xander - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
Now I get where Arnold is coming from, being concerned about his son and all…but this isn’t Sam’s problem.  I’m sure she already loathed the idea of providing Xander financial support to begin with, and the thought of discussing it sickens her.  It’s great and likely that Sam would stand her ground here because no way in hell should she have to put up with providing for another person, especially Xander.
She’s done her time and there’s no need to keep providing life support.  That’s not out of selfishness, but out of practicality.  Xander’s a grown man and should be able to provide for himself.  He can’t do that if someone like Arnold is always making sure he’s provided for, and Sam seems to find more relief in the idea that Xander might do himself in than stick around and suck more money from her.  Well, that would be some form of relief, at least to her.
arnold hall friend of sam says that she knows sam will keep paying for xander - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
Until you get Sam’s friend predicting that yes, Sam will keep caring for Xander for the rest of his life, just as this friend does with her husband.  She thought she could hold out, but now the husband takes up residence in her basement.  Thing is, Sam doesn’t have a basement.  Which I find odd because I’d think Sam, having three kids, would want a basement.  But whatever.
arnold hall frankie and sam at the bar mitzvah - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
The other plot of this episode involves the back and forth between Sam and Frankie.  I guess Frankie got over all the nice things she said at Sam’s eulogy because wow, she just lays right into Sam when the two are at the Bar Mitzvah, saying things like Sam could sort shit once her career goes south.  And it comes out of nowhere.  Not like Frankie has been holding onto these feelings.  Part of me wants to say she’s just exaggerating to get a rise out of Sam, but if she did, it worked.
arnold hall sam pushes cake onto frankies dress - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
It would’ve been easy for Sam to just bite her tongue and take Frankie’s words without a comeback, but she doesn’t even have to speak.  Just pushing the cake into Frankie’s nice white dress is enough of a counterattack.  And a brutal one at that.  Words are words, but Frankie has to keep walking around in that dress.
arnold hall sam on stage - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
I did enjoy Sam taking center stage and working the crowd, though, especially when she reminisces about the kids who have now grown up.  It’s all too similar to what she’s facing with her daughters, but with none of the tact on the kids’ part.  Except for Duke when she’s not griping about the internet not working.
arnold hall sam pours water down frankies dress - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
Oh, but the tit-for-tat between Frankie and Sam continues.  I’d almost call it a prank war, but it’s Sam who is doing the pranking and the actual ‘war’ doesn’t even last that long.  What Sam may not have in insults she makes up for in pouring cold water down the back of Frankie’s dress while she’s talking to a friend, that and saying that the cake on her dress looks like she had, in her words, bloody diarrhea out of her belly button. That’s up there with the opening line about the dog eating Max’s tampon.
arnold hall sam and frankie hug it out - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
And the resolution at the end is very simple, which is fine.  There’s no sappy, sentimental moment. Frankie just helps Sam with some garbage bins when they get home, tells her mother she loves her, and the two hug it out.  Kind of an odd moment to shift gears, but it works and puts the two back on…relatively solid ground.  And it’s not like things are completely back to normal since Frankie pulls a Flintstones and locks Sam out of the house.
Perhaps Sam was more a fan of The Jetsons.
arnold hall sam examines her garage - Better Things (S02E08) "Arnold Hall"
Also, who is to say whether Sam will stick to her guns and keep Xander out of her life going forward?  After all, she’s got a ton of space in her garage and ton in her life in general.  Is there room to carry anyone or anything else?