Will & Grace (S09E06) "Rosario’s Quinceanera"

This review comes with a heavy heart, and spoilers.

Emotions run high in this episode. It starts with a shocking loss to the world of Will & Grace. Rosario (Shelley Morrison) had been admitted to the hospital after a heart attack, even though things seem like they are going to get better, unforeseen circumstances quickly dash our hopes. Rosario is gone. This rips a hole through Karen (Megan Mullally) even though she won’t admit it. The news is devastating.

Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) are not seeing eye to eye with a business decision Will made without consulting Grace. Buying a new office to increase their work space. Even though a funeral isn’t the time or place to discuss business, they can’t seem to contain themselves. They need to work on this partnership if they are going to be successful together. They are working with each other not against.

Even a surprise visit by Lorraine (Minnie Driver) doesn’t help downplay the rawness this episode represents. There are brief and fleeting reprieves from our dear characters, but nothing can take away the profound loss.

Jack (Sean Hayes) has been Karen’s personal punching bag since the loss of Rosario. Rosie’s death has been hitting each of them in different ways. No one is immune to what has happened, although Karen hasn’t been able to process her thoughts and feelings on the ordeal. What better way than to run off on the day you are putting a loved one to rest? She can’t say goodbye, but she will have to.

As each friend tries to comfort Karen, it seems as though no one will get through to her until Will decides to try a hand at it. A simple hug and no pressure to return to the funeral was part of his magic touch. She needed to figure out things in her own time. Rosario wasn’t just her maid, she was Karen’s best friend. She get’s to say her final goodbye, and I’m sure that there wasn’t a dry eye for those who watched the episode.

It’s remarkable how we feel connected to these characters on the television screen. Rosario was a fixture on Will & Grace and her loss is immense. When something like this happens to a beloved character it really strikes an emotinal chord. I will fully admit a few tears were shed as Karen spoke to hear dead Rosie.

It was also very touching and heart wrenching when Grace mentions her late mother (Debbie Reynolds). Opening a whole other flood gate. The writers have a talent at tugging at the heart-strings and not letting go.
Goodbye Rosie. You will be missed.

Rating: 9/10

Will & Grace will return for a Holiday Special on December 5th. More episodes are expected in the New Year. 

Photo: Google/NBC