Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule"

He dances?! What?!  And to Naughty by Nature’s, “O.P.P.” 1f483 - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule"No less!  (Fist Bump!) 1f44a - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule"Yet on to our story:  
Dr Bull meets Mr Burnam. (Michael Bonini)  He’s 25 years old in March. His name is Zack. He has “a case that could benefit from his involvement”  It’s toxic. His mom & 5 other people have been poisoned. Zack is unscheduled & a walk in. Bull doesn’t hide his annoyance.
“They’ve contaminated the water supply” They being, Warwick Industries, the employer of over 1/2 the town. Their presence is tied to the town’s prosperity & makes it difficult to make demands.
Zack’s mom, Allison Burnam, (Ali Marsh) suggested he contact Bull. His interest peaked, when he’s told, “formerly known as Ally Campbell” is making the inquiry. She’s Bull’s 1st love.1f491 - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule" It’s been 25 years! He’ll listen and traveled the 40 miles to see her. No promises. 
Ally’s 45 & feels like she’s losing everything! She has Kidney CAncer, drowming in debt, losing her house & will probably be dead in 13-18 months. Bull thinks it’s an uphill battle, yet he’ll try to broker a deal with the other parties & try to convince them to take a deal.
However, he changes his mind when Ally’s nose starts to bleed. He’s now motivated to go to court.
Sidebar: Somewhere between the overnight stay, breakfast & the nosebleed, they dance to what is probably, “their song” it’s cute. He can’t dance, yet claims he can rap! Maybe next time.
Warwick’s offer is barely enough to pay for medical expenses. Unless Warwick agrees to 10 times more AND new pipelines, they’re going to court! He challenged. They go to court.  
In a civil case, the only reward is 💲money$1f4b0 - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule"No one is ever sorry! The company Warwick, accused of “poisoning the water supply, is no exception.
Warwick is represented by Bartlett and Dunn. They have no sense  of  fair play. But they claim to be good neighbors & offer some coins in good faith. However, if they’ve done wrong; prove it?!
The trial proceeds with the usual theatrics.  Jury selection is tough, given most of the jurors are employed by the defendents. There’s a cheater, a case of fraud & the defense likes one of the jurors Bull selected; “Rut Roh!”  His spidey senses went up! Is she a plant? 
Yet the tender moments & heartfelt confessions, make this episode for me. ‘Love a lil’Bull personal history.
He tried 16 times! Bull claims he made these  attempts to run away with her, marry, make a baby & do what young ones do when in love. He went to college instead. #noregrets …and of course, there’s the dancing. “I never knew!” 
The case wraps, when Bull reluctantly calls Allison to testify.  She tells a tale of overwhelming love for the town, people; and gratitude & respect for Warwick.
However, when the problems were first brought to the attention of “the powers that be” She was  greeted with a “prove it” rather than, “how can we help you?”  It was a little demand, yet they refused. She ain’t mad, although the situation has escalated. They just didn’t care.
And it proves again, “people just wanna be heard”, especially when they’re hurting. #compassion, #caring & simple #customerservice could have taken this in another direction. #kindness. 
The defense texts Bull, with a “meet me outside” .1f3f3 - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule" They’re raising the white flag in surrender. They’ll  agree to the terms. BUT BOOM, too late. The payoff is now 20 times the original & they’ll pay off Allison’s house! Deal!  That just tells you how much money they REALLY have!
There’s a modest Victory Celebration. Two old friends, laughing, dancing  & getting down with the  , 1f3b6 - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule" “O.P.P””1f3b5 - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule" 1f3a4 - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule"
1f44d - Bull (S02E06) "The Exception to the Rule"A good one; and more Bull , “no starch” is always a good thing.
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