The Exorcist (S02E05) "There But for the Grace of God, Go I"

Andy (John Cho) finally faces the fact that Grace (Amélie Eve) was never really there at all. Verity (Brianna Hildebrand) helps him come to terms with the fact that nothing is as it seems. He is losing grip on what little sanity he has left. The truth is finally unraveling and with it all will become undone.

Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) makes a trip to the house to try to find answers, but comes up empty and is quickly turned away when he reveals who he really is. While Marcus (Ben Daniels) does some digging on his own. Something dark has been overshadowing the island for a long time. They will surely get the answers they seek, though it may not be in the way they want.

An impromptu overnight camping trip encourages Andy and his family to get back to basics, and get out of the house. Though the intentions are good, being out there in the darkness leaves them vulnerable to the elements and whatever is lurking in the shadows. Each story begins to weave its way through our minds, giving us a bigger and better perspective on each child’s life.

Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) is still holding out hope to save Sister Delores’s (Karin Konoval) soul, but it proves to be a lost cause. There is no bringing her back from the demon’s grasp. It’s time to make their move to Chicago, that is where the real fight is and their only chance at survival resides.

Grace is getting angry, and she is not going to let Andy, or anyone else go without a fight. She has a hold on Truck (Cyrus Arnold), causing chaos the only way she knows how. Through pain and mayhem. It’s a terrifying moment when Verity comes across Truck ramming his head against a wall only to have herself be put into harms way. The touch of Grace is far-reaching and unsettling. No one is safe.

Against his better judgement and the sound advice from Marcus, Tomas chooses to revisit the household again. This time he knows that he is not alone, even with no one in sight. Evil has come to call and Tomas gets more than he bargained for as he follows the trail the demon has expertly carved out for him. Grace is ready to come face to face with our dear priest, it’s something that will have repercussions and a door that won’t be easily closed.

There are subtle yet terrifying elements the creators have worked into this show. The build up has been slow, but it works. Chaos is here to stay and it will surely be one hell of a journey forward. With the appearance of Andy’s dead wife, anything can happen.

Rating: 8/10

The Exorcist airs on FOX every Friday at 9/8c

Photo: Google/IMDB