Walker Stalker Con

Last weekend I had the chance to report on it for TV Series Hub, I jumped at the chance.  I was invited to the press screening of Walker Stalkers, the documentary about the history of the convention, which started the weekend off with a bang.  The next day I went to Sanoia to see where Woodbury and Alexandria are filmed.  I went on a tour given by Atlanta Movie Tours and was thoroughly impressed by the tour guide’s knowledge and enthusiasm.  My only regret is the wait time at Nic and Norman’s was too long to get in.  Fans of the show might recognize some of these landmarks from the series.

I went to the convention Sunday, and was blown away by the sheer amount of diversity, ingenuity of the vendors and artists on the floor.  The art alone is worth going to the convention.  I spent Sunday morning looking around, taking everything in, from the orderly chaos of the lines to the people in general.  I talked to people from the UK, Australia, and all over the world.  Everyone was extremely friendly and willing to talk to complete strangers about their favorite shows.  The lines went very fast.  In fact, the line for Melissa McBride went faster than Ted Raimi’s did, which only had about 10 people in it.  I went through 4 photo op lines in less than an hour.  Everyone was very professional, welcoming, and helpful.
I bought photo ops in advance to meet Melissa McBride, who’s my favorite character on the show, Rebecca Mader from Lost/Once Upon A time, and initially Emilie De Raven but she had a scheduling conflict so I switched my ticket to meet Ted Raimi with no problems at all.  Once at the show, I added a photo op with Bruce Campbell.  When the autograph booths opened, I bought autograph/selfies with Alana Masterson and Ted Raimi.  Their lines were short, so I was able to speak with them for a few minutes and the selfies were more personal than the photo ops.  I’m a long time Xena fan, so I talked to Ted Raimi about my favorite Joxer The Mighty episode and we talked about Xena for a good  five minutes or so.  It was a great experience for my first convention.
I had an incredible weekend and want to thank WalkerStalkerCon and Corey Hewitt for granting me a media pass.  I loved every minute and can’t wait for next year.