MacGyver (S02E01-S02E06) Diving Into Season Two

This fast paced and action packed show is back for another season. The dynamics of the Phoenix Foundation are growing and so are their numbers. We are introduced to Samantha Cage (Isabel Lucas) in the first episode of the season. She is an expert in her field, reading people and knowing exactly how they tick. She is thrown in with the team in an undercover operation and is quick to prove her worth.

Matty (Meredith Eaton), who is the constant voice of reason is trying to keep the team on track this season. Even though we all know that is one of the hardest things to do. Rules are only guidelines that are meant to be broken. There is never a dull moment when the team gets together to solve another case. They are great at what they do and every episode has been filled with twists and turns.

Our “friendly” neighborhood bad guy is back in action. Murdoc (David Dastmalchian) is out of prison and has been working on his vendetta against the Phoenix Foundation and MacGyver (Lucas Till). It is always a wild ride when Murdoc is involved. He is subtle yet terrifying, because you never know what he is going to do next. Just when they get closer to the truth, something else blind sides them. Murdoc is full of mysteries and mayhem.

Although Cage has proven herself useful to the team, you can’t help but question her motives. The team has been through so much it’s hard to let this new person in, but somehow they find it in themselves to give her a chance. I’m hoping that it won’t all come back to haunt them in the end. Each character meshes well together and the writers know how to bring that chemistry to life.

Jack (George Eads) is an ever-present father figure to Riley (Tristin Mays), whether she likes it or not. So far this season she has needed that strength in her life, even though he can be a royal pain in her behind. No matter what happens, in the end they always have each other to fall back on. That goes for everyone involved in the Phoenix Foundation. They have formed a family within the chaos, and it pulls each story together nicely.

Bozer (Justin Hires) is finally finding his way within the team. His outlook and perspectives may be obscure, but they have been proven to be helpful to their many endeavours. Each person brings something important to the team, and there are no small parts to be played.

MacGyver is on his never-ending quest to find his father. Drawing clues from his fathers old watch, he is determined to be reunited with the man he never knew. There are so many questions he seeks answers to. Although Mac wants to go about this his own lone wolf way, Jack won’t allow him to go through it alone. Even if he won’t admit it, Mac needs the support of his friends. MacGyver and Jack’s bromance is one of the best parts about this show.

Each episode brings another new and brilliant way to solve a problem out of a simplistic idea. The writing is on point and there is no signs of stopping for MacGyver and his team.

If you haven’t given this show a try, what are you waiting for? It’s one hell of a ride. Complete with paperclips, homemade rockets and everything in between.

MacGyver airs on CBS every Friday night at 8/7c.

Photo: IMDB