NCISNOLA (S04E06) "Acceptable Loss"

“I Won’t Flinch” is playing by Brocklesby Crooke. And like Salome of the 7 veils, she seduces & wraps him in silks, first around the body, his neck & then with his hands tied behind his back; she pulls! He hangs high from the ceiling. 
1f3b5 - NCISNOLA (S04E06) "Acceptable Loss"BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM 1f3b5 - NCISNOLA (S04E06) "Acceptable Loss"1f3a4 - NCISNOLA (S04E06) "Acceptable Loss"
Across town, Lasalle’s dad wants to have dinner. He’s ducking him & doesn’t answer his phone.
At the site,  Petty Officer Sam Segar,(Alexander Bigland) is dead. It appears to be an erotic, dangling, mangling, hanging asphyxiation. Yet, it seems someone else tied the ropes.
At dinner, Beau LaSalle (Mike Pniewski) complains & snarks, “how long you  gon’bedoing this?”  It’s been 10 years & Lasalle Enterprises needs him. “When he’s gone,  he’s all that’s left” The family needs him. That’s the bottom line. And did he say, Oil? Ka-ching! 💰
A Chole Myles (Natale Hall) is the prep. She’s found on Sam’s erased hard drive. Go Patton! She has history & I’m calling her a serial killer. There’s @ least 3 others!  Chole’s traced to her hotel, showering. She doesn’t resist & steps out naked & wet.  
During interogation, she’s ice. A sociopath and the DNA doesn’t match. Is she a Corp spy. Intel for money? What does she want?
LaSalle volunteers to go undercover as Commander Nolan Willis (Eric Moore)  (foster) brother to Sam. Chole killed Segar to draw Willis out. She’s after sensitive info. Those killed led her to Nolan. Christopher goes in as Willis. He looks good in his Dress Whites. Gregorio & Percy shadow
Chole uses a paralytic agent to slow her victims.  She’s very dangerous! #Blackwidow .🕷   She spills a drink on “Willis” as their meet cute & the targets engaged.
Chole has daddy issues. She’s spent 3 years tryna figure out what happened to her dad.  He was serving his country, killed & somebody as answers!
Chole kisses Christopher, he’s paralyzed. It’s in the lipstick.  Gregorio & Percy lose him. Chole’s in the wind with Lasalle., 
Willis has access to the file with the names of who gave the orders on her father.  With a gun to his head & handcuffed, Patton & Willis remotely help Lasalle log in to Operation Chaos, unbeknownst to Chole.  
Christopher is down, he has no pulse!  Percy & Gregorio find him, thanks Patton!   Chole’s in the wind,  found & talked down. Lasalle’s revived after a near 4 min heart stop. No brain damage
Chris  has dinner with his dad…almost for Beau walks out, when Chris tells him he’s staying in “the job with no future”
It a was a night of Daddy Issues, choices and releasing the illusion of control. We’re also left to ponder, when are losses, like collateral damage, acceptable? 👍
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