Riverdale (S02E03) "The watcher in the woods"

unnamed 123038701 - Riverdale (S02E03) "The watcher in the woods"In this episode the intentions of the Black Hood (Angel of death) is finally known to the town when he sends a letter to Alice stating his intention.  His aim is to cleanse Riverdale by getting rid of its sinners which is kinda hypocritical if you think about it. He targetted Fred but not Hermoine when both of them are responsible for adultery and not just him which makes me wonder if there’s an ulterior motive to him doing all this.
Alice showed the letter to the Mayor and Sheriff and they tried to prevent the information from going out but as always Alice is no push over , that just accepts to be bossed around and she had only given them a copy. The Mayor and Sherriff’s attempt to prevent a panic is a logical move but the town is entitled to know of the dangers lurking around which will make them cautious.
As for Bevin in this episode there seems to be a stretch in their relationship mostly because of Kevin’s rendezvous in the woods and Betty’s concern for him. It reaches the limit that Kevin snaps at her and even talks about her split personality behaviour. I’m glad that it’s being brought up but how it’s being brought up is not ok people are taking it lightly but it could lead to some serious problems. Kevin’s latest rendezvous makes me think he might have just encountered the Black Hood but luckily he didn’t leave with him and he returned home safe. Only to realise Betty rated him out to his dad out of concern and by the end of the episode the stretch seems unresolved.  Could this become a serious issue between them? Hopefully it won’t we just started seeing more of their friend ship as compared to season 1.
South Side High is such a dump that I’m surprised the school hasn’t been shut down seeing how the students have taken over the school with no regards for actual learning. The school itself lacks enough resources to provide quality educats on and there is no authoritative figure. As for Riverdale High the students decide to for a club to protect the town which is such a stupid move from them and when the Sherriff tries to disband it Principal Weather Bee backs them up which is even more surprising because how does he expect a bunch of teenagers to protect the town against an armed man, whose identity is unknown.
Cheryl’s appearance in this episode was minimal and her role in this episode was so unnecessary . Here’s to hoping the writers give her development but still retain her badass side. We enjoy her bitchy side it’s quite amusing but she has more to her character as we’ve seen before in season one. We need to see more of her caring side and vulnerable side in the coming episodes. 
As for Archie’s club the red circle and his video to the Black Hood, it makes you wonder why he would aggravate the dude with his lack if training how dumb can he be. The Black Hood’s identity isn’t known so how does he expect to catch him. Riverdale as a town is really in a bad condition since teens are are blessed to obtain drugs and weapons whenever they want which makes you wonder what the police actually do  in the town. 
As for the Lodge family there seems to be more secrets with everyday. Hermoine acts mean one second and the next we actually see her concern for her daughter. And as for Hiram he is one big mystery everything he does seems to be calculated what surprises me is when Veronica asks to be included in his business which is quite a bratty move from her. She only asks so she can piss of her mom but with Hiram you’re never sure he can do anything to protect himself. As for Veronica she knows he’s been involved in illegal activities what makes her so sure he wouldn’t do something illegal and worse frame her due to her sudden intrest to take part in the business decision just to save himself . But at the very end of the episode Hiram’s satisfied face when he sees Archie’s video just makes us wonder what is he upto and if there is any connection with him and the Black Hood. I guess only time will tell as for now everything he does is suspsicious consoder in he gave Archie the idea to fight fire with fire. 
This episode was ok but it wasn’t satisfactory as the first episode. Yes it had some good parts but it seems the flame is dimming from the first episode the new mysteries are helping but the reveals in this episode were kind of dull. Hopefully the coming episodes are to the standard of the first episode .  
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