Riverdale (S02E04) "The town that dreaded sun down."

In this episode we see drama in the Cooper ,Lodge and Andrew house hold. Each separate but closely related to the Black Hood drama. The first drama unwinds in the Lodge residence when Hermoine makes a fuss about the video Archie uploaded and ends up asking Veronica to break up with him. This does not sit well with Veronica as she blatantly refuses and walks out on her parents, this whole Black Hood issue doesn’t seem to surprise or scare Hiram. Rather he’s amused by it and rather relishes in the town’s state of chaos and confusion which makes you wonder what he is upto.
As for the Cooper residence we see Mama Cooper learn that Poll left and we see her pain and distraught at not being able to protect her daughters from the Black Hood. (Amazing perfomance by Mädchen Amick in that scene) . We’ve always known fierce protective Mama Cooper but seeing her pain in that scene just proved to show how much she actually cares about her daughters and how far she’s come from season one.
Lastly the Andrew house hold had its own fair share of drama too with Fred seeing his son’s video and get into an argument with Archie about the video and finally asking him to take it down. He learns Archie had already taken it down but it was pointless as the video had already been shared before he took it down. 
In South Side High we see the serpents watching Archie’s video and are fed up with the North side always blaming them for bad things that happen but can they really blame them. If the serpents weren’t shady or tred to abide by the laws most if the bad things that happened in Riverdale could be avoided. As for Betty she receives a letter from the Black Hood who turns out to be her twisted secret fan to which she is appalled to learn about.  We also see her and Kevin make up and Betty shows him the letter and we get to see protective Kevin.Betty decides to share the cipher but not the lether with Alice and the police.
As for Principal Weather bee he finally comes to his senses afer watching Archie’s video and suspends the whole football team but this doesn’t deter him. Is it bravery or stupidity on his case maybe a little of both and he ends up breating more laws on his quest for vengeance not only does he attain an illegal ID he also purchases arms and goes around the town spray painting. He bumps into serpents and he ends up pulling out a gun on them which is so unlike him. The previous episodes his character has been quite annoying let’s just hope he returns to how he was before this whole issue.
As for Veronica just to piss off her parents she ends up supporting Archie with his red circle agenda by distributing shirts with the logo. It’s so stupid how people wore them without thinking about the consequences it would bring. It was kinda inconsiderate of her since the Black Hood is a real threat yet she just went did all of that to annoy her parents.
Betty,Kevin,Tony and Jug hang out at Jug’s place to try and decode the cipher during which Tony makes fun of Betty’s pony tail. Again protective Kevin appears but for all Bughead fans they were dissapointed with Jug not leaping to defend Betty be it a joke or not. It does not end well as Tony goes off on Betty about their bias to serpents and goes on to talk about the North kids and their vices. Despite her having a point that does not change the fact that serpents aren’t innocent in the matter as they have done a lot of thing that have resulted to the North side being suspicious of them.
As for Jug he sees the letter that the Black Hood sent Betty and they end up having a meaningful talk. We learn from their talk that Betty is afraid that Archie might blame her for the Black Hood to which Jug assures her it’s not her fault and later on she ends up giving the letter to the Sherriff .
The town hall meeting ends up to be an argument despite the arguments both side had perfectly valid points and before they came to a conclusion Betty ends up in making people evacuate the premise. Due to the fact that she had deciphered the clue the Black Hood left for her which lead her to the Town Hall.
As for Archie he and the team end up in a fight with the serpents over what had happened and finally someone got hurt because of his irrational behaviour. And finally some sense is knocked into him when the fight is stopped by Veronica shooting in the air. As for Varchie why do the writers have to always include a sex scene can’t they just write them off to have a meaningful conversation without sex after all the show is based on teenagers and them por trying them as such isn’t a good example to its audience. They just put across that sex overshadows resolving actual problems. 
The episode ends with Betty getting a call from the Black Hood.  
Generally the episode was good it actually was better compared to episode three but there was a few things that could be a dressed in the next episides.  One is the fact that Mrs.Blossom was fully healed in the town hall meeting her face was magically cure which is highly unlikely I feel like after the burns she got it should have taken longer for her skin to fully heal. Two is the lack of Josie in this episode we need more on this badass even Cheryl’s prescence was very minimal and she is mostly the entertainment in an episode. Other than that the episode was almost perfect. 
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