Scorpion (S04E06) "Queen Scary"

images 220256652 - Scorpion (S04E06) "Queen Scary"This episode like always didn’t dissapoint and it had a little of everything. The Scorpion writers know how to write a well balanced episode because at the end of every episode they leave you wanting more. The episode began with Walter and Paige on a date and we see one of their first arguments in their relationship.  It wasn’t a heated argument but none the less it was a disagreement, which was bound to happen since they are completely different people. We see jerk Walter in this episode but in his defence he’s never quite understood why people like music.
The team’s mission in this episode was one of their most amusing cases of all time , quite different from what they are used to. They were to find out if ghosts existed and at first Walter blatantly refused until he heard the amount they were to be paid for a day’s work. 
The mission was quite hilarious as the team with the exception of Walter who was at the garage were to go to an alleged haunted ship and investigate if ghosts were real. The team had their run in with said ghosts but in real sense their was a scientific explanation to all the things they witnessed, nonetheless their reactions to what they assumed to be ghosts was priceless even the skeptic Toby at one point was frightened. 
In this harmless simple mission the team encounters a dangerous set back which would have caused numerous fatalities. The team like always comes up with  a plan but the plan doesn’t go smoothly due to a minor miscommunication thus making the situation worse. You’d think by now this tactic would get old but no it doesn’t because seeing the team come together with a different alternative is always entertaining to watch.
In this episode we see Paige shine the most as we’re used to the geniuses uses coming up with smart plans during similar setbacks but in this episode Paige comes up with an amazing plan but due to Sly’s miscommunication it didn’t go out as planned. The team’s reaction to hearing her plan was priceless though it was somehow rude. Walter and Paige have a talk which reveals that Paige has been listening to the same talk that Walter had been listening to during her friend’s performance in order for her to understand some stuff when they attend the actual lecture. Paige again helps the team out and in the process saves Walter from being squashed.
The team man ages to stop the boat in the nick of time preventing it’s collision with the land which would have caused a great explosion. It’s such content that keeps us coming back for more episodes each week. 
We also finally see Cabe somehow vulnerable in this episode due to his case. We see him project his doubts into making sure a weasel is comfortable with which Toby associates it with his upcoming trial. The episodes ends with Toby and Cabe in the trailer talking about his issues and fears but we’re only left to assume that as we don’t really hear the details of their conversation. 
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