How To Get Away With Murder (S04E06) “Stay Strong, Mama”

After last week’s Bonnie intensive episode this week felt a little light on story. It’s one of those “story by inches” episodes. Move all the players just ever so slightly closer to the end game. So let’s see where our team got moved this week.
Isaac ended last episode with the ugly discovery that his client is actually Annalise’s Bonnie. During a discussion with a woman we are to assume is his own counselor, Isaac is debating whether he should come clean with Annalise about Bonnie. It’s during this discussion that we learn that Isaac is “triggered” by Annalise’s lost baby. Despite his own therapists warnings about him not being healthy with Annalise, Isaac decides to forge ahead and get Annalise to discuss her baby in the hopes it will help her resolve her own grief and guilt. Through prodding her to discuss her husband, Isaac is able to roundabout lead Annalise to her baby. As he’s trying to get her to forgive herself, Annalise cries out, “ Let me feel guilty! The whole world wants me to not be the way I am.” I think anyone who has been told there is a timeline for grief can understand this. The constant push-pull that A feels of “be stronger”, “let yourself be weaker”, “be smarter”, but not too smart. Exhausting. The big reveal is at the end, when we see Isaac mourning over a video of her daughter, and then his “therapist” introducing herself to Annalise as Isaac’s ex-wife. Given both those things I have to say he’s definitely not the right counselor for her.
In the DA’s office Denver is thanking Bonnie for sticking to her guns on finding out Annalise’s end game. After seeing him dismiss her repeatedly it’s nice to see her get a little recognition, even if it’s for undermining Annalise. He decides to move further on shutting down the class action suit by threatening Annalise’s clients with forfeiting their home. Bonnie starts to doubt her own role in causing a young boy to lose his home, she goes to Denver to propose that maybe they’ve gone far enough. Annalise won’t be able to get another client, leave the last few alone. For this show of conscience the DA throws her off the case. Denver tells Bonnie that’s she’s too emotional, she fights back with “I’m the only reason you know about this.” And of course she’s just shown the door. This scene played so real for me, both Bonnie’s worn astonishment and Denver’s casual dismissal.
Asher gets another slap in the face this episode when he confronts Michaela about her lies. She tells Asher that she’s Laurel’s birth coach, lying AGAIN. Seriously this makes me want to bang my head on the wall. These guys lie to each other ALL THE TIME. And it never leads anywhere good. Naturally suspicious, Asher gives a nanny cam teddy bear to Michaela. Which – also not great. She gets caught and finally tells the truth. Asher leaves heartbroken, to find Frank. Frank isn’t home and Asher falls into Bonnie’s arms both of them crying. I’m not happy about this turn, but I feel terrible for Asher, how could you not after him shouting, “you don’t lie to people you love!” Everyone on this show would be so much better off if they’d have a little more Asher in them.
Connor and Annalise move forward a hair on the class action. By having Claudia’s son make an appeal to keep his home, Annalise is able to stop the DA foreclosing on their home. The class action moves forward again.
We don’t see much movement from Oliver, Laurel and Michaela, getting access to Laurel’s father continues to be next to impossible.
Our last glimpse of the night is our flash forward which now includes Isaac calling Annalise. We see a brief snippet of her sitting, fully clothed, crying in the shower. So upbeat!