Real Housewives of Atlanta (S10E01) "50 Shades of Cynthia"

The first ladies of Atlanta are back, and they aren’t holding anything back.  First up is Ms. Bailey as she celebrates the year of 50, which I love.  If I look like her at 50, I’d be celebrating year round too, lets be honest.  She’s planning a party where all her friends have to come dressed as one of her iconic looks from the show.
Nene makes her first big appearance and the first thing she does is question Kenya Moore’s secretive marriage, like most of the fans did as well.

Then we catch up with Kandi, who’s showing us how busy the Old Lady Gang restaurant is and how busy she is with life, and getting ready for her reunion tour with Xscape (which she has a spinoff show right after RHOA).  She’s still pissed off at Porshe for the drugging and rape rumors, which I think will be a big storyline besides questioning the validity of Kenya’s marriage.
We’re introduced to Nene’s store Swag, which I’ve seen her at in her InstaStories.  She and Sheree gossip about Kenya’s marriage, and of course Nene’s the one questioning if it’s real or not.  Nene’s the type of friend if you don’t kiss her ass, she drops you and makes your life absolute hell.  Just ask Porshe about that. Of course Sheree can’t help but throw shade on Nene’s store, saying I had a boutique that was much more glamorous that Swag,  Not even on the same level.  The fans are all thinking bitch, please.  What store?  She by Never was?
We finally catch up with the villain herself, Porshe Williams, who is at home scarfing down some KFC mashed potatoes and chicken.  Why is it skinny people always eat the most and never seem to gain weight?  Her sister and friend join her and they record a podcast.  Of course the questions are about last year and if she still keeps in contact with Phaedra.  Surprisingly, or not, Porshe said yes and her sister jumped down her throat like the rest of us wanted too.  I know she’s dumb as a box of hair, but does she have to be that self destructive?  What could Phaedra have on Porshe to make her even say boo to her after last seasons reunion and crocodile tears?

We end the episode with Cynthia’s party, where everyone’s dressed as Cynthia from different iconic looks.  Porshe and Kandi hug awkwardly after which Kandi was like, remember, Porshe bad.  Kill, not hug.  The rest of the party went smoothly, with a walk off at the end of the night.
So let me know what you think of the episode.  Is this season going to be less toxic than last season?  So far it seems so.  Right off the bat I was laughing at the girl’s antics, even Nene, who’s as over the top as usual.  It’ll be interesting to see if they address the rape comment she made at her standup comedy show and the racist comments she made about Brielle after her housewarming party and Brielle’s IG post got leaked.  Let me know who’s side you’re on.