Family Guy (S16E05) "3 Directors"

Family Guy puts  3 Directors on the #sethcarpet when each in their own special way shoot “Peter Gets fired” Tarantino, Anderson & Bay; with honorable mention to Paul Verhoeven. Out of ’em all, I miss him most! #scifiking  
First off,  we have the “No ad lib -just as I wrote it,  flashback, flash forward, nonlinear & “where does it exactly start?” vision of Tarantino.
He  has Peter driving to work in his gas guzzler box car, “Vehicle”♬, by The Ides of March, blasting.  He kills a co worker for his pizza lunch, while walking thru the parking lot!  I think its the 70’s or “whatever year Quentin Tarantino watched television”
3 hours late, he’s fired by Angela (Carrie Fisher) He steals a cannister on his way out, that looks toxic. It’s glowing a yellow ray!
He’s home, when he’s shot several times in color, shot again in black & white, left for dead & then wakes up from a coma in color!
He leaves the hospiral AMA, finds weapons from his past or maybe future;  cause I’m not sure where we are in the storyline, plane of existence, or dimension. He goes after Angela & 88 Tricia Takanowa as a Killer Clown, fighting to 🎵#sexmachine by James Brown   Why?!
Never the less , Tarantino has a great wrap, where all pieces come together in his giant puzzle of story telling, bringing order to the chaos, explanation & understanding  It’s divine!  1f607 - Family Guy (S16E05) "3 Directors"  So whatever isn’t covered, senseless & confusing will be in VOL 2; count on it! 
Then Wes Anderson presents:  his long & winding, quasi-documentry, (with great costume design) & a sense of waiting for the other shoe to drop for purpose, story telling. Stewie is narrator, giving it that Turn of the 20 century Gatsby. I don’t like Gatsby.
Although Peter’s fired, the purpose over food & shelter, appears to be the need to do a play about, “Max Dugan Returns” He did & it was done.  Peter dies in the end to add sentiment. Epitaph “Thanks for watching white people”  🦃
Michael Bay brings the hot, sweaty, sexy boobs & hot sauce, “with so many fights & quickshots, you can’t tell what’s going on!”  Bullets flying, bombs, rat-tat-tat-tat, while dancing & saving babies is our hero. Fired by Angela for destroying business property, he tongues her! 👅
Sidebar: A well oiled & chiseled Peter looks like Cameron Poe #conair, cause I guess Simon West said “no”
Out of the 3, this one has  a plot, albeit ridiculous & purpose: Ok take a deep breath,  “Peter propels thru the air with a cannister of beer, impaling the space aliens who are really Transformers, to keep them  from destroying the 7 Wonders of the World! #whew in slo’mo no less!  That always works! 
Alien parts & beer fly erry where & Peter is thought to be dead, in the aftermath.  He shows up @ his funeral & wants to do “the nasty” in the cementary.
However, Peter has “functional problems” & can’t perform. Every body part appears to be mechanical, although not bionic. Yet ego in check, he asks Lois, which of the 3 is her fav? Her reply, “Honestly, I didn’t care for the episode” Honestly, neither do I.  
This is one of Carrie Fisher’s last episodes as well as Adam West, before they left the planet. So if there’s a vol 2, I’m ready 👊 #RIP 
Family Guy airs, Sundays,  9:00 p.m. Pacific Time