Fresh Off The Boat (S04E04) "It's A Plastic Pumpkin, Louis Huang"

It’s Halloween and Louis’ favorite time of the year. With that in mind he’s got plans for another family Halloween costume for when they give out candy but none not even Evan wants to do it.
It’ Halloween and Louis got his family’s costume for this year as it turns out to be Seinfeld. With Jessica passing on being Elaine and Eddie passing as Newman. That only left with Emery and Evan. Emery wanted to but didn’t want to ruin it because of his bad year and Evan passed on it as well even if he was going to be George.
Louis figures out why Evan doesn’t want be with him for Halloween and finds out that he is going to Deidre’s Halloween party. Trying to talk Evan of not going, Louis thought he was going to be with him until Evan was at the party passing out non-alcoholic drinks. Louis drags Evan back and they do their passing out the candy as Jerry and George and did their bits, which was kind of cheesy at times but funny.
But when both understands each other, Louis walks Evan to the party and do their Seinfeld bit again.
Meanwhile, when Jessica is trying to get Chapter 2 done of her book, she gets writer’s block. Emery comes in and asked about noises coming from Grandma’s room. When they check on her, they hear some man’s voice inside and decided to go in. They see no one but grandma.
Later there were people at the door that were to pick up Grandma. Jessica and Emery went to investigate and to get Jessica some twisted storyline ideas until they found out that Grandma was at English Language Studies.
I thought that this episode was pretty good. The Louis and Evan story was pretty good. Yeah, there might be some chessy jokes in there with Seinfeld. Jessica, Emery and Grandma was good too. Wish they would have used George Takei more than what they had him doing.. And watcing Eddie and the gang trying to get into a party by looking cool and bad was okay at times. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.
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