Good Behavior (S02E04) “I think it’s a sign.”

chad hodge jetty in cuffs nov 6 17 - Good Behavior (S02E04) “I think it’s a sign.”CREDIT: @chad_hodge
I loved last night’s episode! Can I say it will be a stand-out one of the season? I think so. It was written by Bret Johnson and directed by Mikkel Norgaad. Take a bow.
Agent Rhonda Lashever – you’re so funny girl.
OMGosh. Agent Rhonda Lashever in her decked-out limousine (aka sprinter) has a video! It is an instructional video explaining what happens to you, when the FBI apprehends you? (Can you really imagine this happening? NO, me either.)
“How come Antonio Banderas is so quiet?” Rhonda Lashever to Letty (re: Javi)
She has a name for the FBI Agent working for her too. She calls him “Agent FBI Backup.” (chuckles and snorts)
Javi has a gun with his name on it. Rhonda brings this up. It was the Christmas gift from Rob, remember! “Javier is her white whale.” Christian is telling Letty. Are we doing Moby Dick comparisons here? Why is she so focused on Javi? Are you sensing a conspiracy here? I certainly am. I totally agreed with Letty. If this was a real job she would have taken them to a real jail. What gives? “We’re already broken up. I broke up with you.” Rhonda to Christian.  We know who wears the pants in this relationship, don’t we?
“It’s your hero moment, flash.” – Rhonda Lashever to Agent FBI Backup. Is it just me… Do you sense something is up with Agent Backup? (Slim Shady)
Christian is trying to get Letty out of being arrested and going to jail. In which Rhonda responds. “Fake news!”
A plan change. There is 3 feet of water ahead. They cannot cross that bridge. Prince Charming Christian convinces her to turn around. “God Forbid something would happen to her van.”
“Ever have Cinnamon rolls at Holiday Inn Express, Javier?” – Agent Rhonda Lashever (I nearly died from the laughter. My abs are fierce today.)
Rob is the truth-teller and defender in the Jetty relationship, as far as I’m concerned. Estelle doesn’t seem to care. I really don’t get her? Rob tries to see things from Javi’s and Letty’s POV.
“His side of things is that people pay him to commit murder.” – Rob to Estelle
It’s not that Javi is doing this for fun. He does it to make money to support his family, Letty and Jacob. Rob has seen this side of Javi. It seems to me and others that it makes Estelle very envious. She has this deep-seeded jealously of him. Is this why she ratted? She secretly wants to have their life and relationship? She always boasted about how much she loves Rob and how good he is to her. It makes you wonder, though? Does she want Letty’s life instead…?
“I swear she is the dumbest smart person I know.” – Estelle (re: Letty)
Again, is she speaking about herself? Letty is a survivor and she is also trying her damnest to better her life. Does Estelle wish she would have done all that sooner? Why is she making her daughter pay? When she is trying to change her life for the better? Is it Javi was a criminal. Pot meets kettle.
He tries to convince Estelle to write a witness impact statement for both Javi and Letty. Again, trying to convince Estelle “Javi is a good guy. Letty is your daughter.” She tells him she’s going to sleep? I’m really starting to dislike Estelle again.
Ava, what is with you?
We find out that Javi calls Ava. He fills sis in on the scoop. Teo was following him on his family excursion to the mountains. You know Ava needed to know! It is really bothering me that Ava has such a lack of trust and such disconnect with her brother. Especially when she was one of his staunchest supporters. Teo tells Ava that he indeed was not lying and was on a trip with Letty and her family. Just think about it. Javi told Letty he was a killer after him from Buenos Aires. He was somebody that he used to know… Somebody… I still believe that Teo motives are unclear and he wants to kill Javi on their father’s orders… Maybe his own…
The unique proposition.
“What’s the best part?” –  Rhonda Lashever
“You don’t have to lift a finger.” – Letty
She explains that she won’t have to parade around anymore at 4 in the morning. When there is no one there. When we can have cinnamon rolls in the morning. Who does Rhonda Lashever really hate more? Them or the FBI? You need to take them down instead. You can raid that money before they get there. They just need to get rid of the “monkey wrench” in their plans: Agent FBI Back up. Letty has plans for him. Rhonda is listening… The hilarity ensues.
They make Agent FBI Back up think he got “black-out drunk.” That Javi and Letty escaped on his watch! I loved Agent Rhonda Lashever in this episode. She was firing on all cylinders. She tells him. “Who’s the joke now?… Asshole.” Revenge is a dish best served cold. Tonight, Rhonda delivers it to Agent FBI back up. Team Rhonda Lashever! The swagger quotient is high with this crew.
juandiegobotto swagger quiotent nov 6 17 - Good Behavior (S02E04) “I think it’s a sign.”CREDIT: @juandiegobotto
Jetty and the newest set of problems.
“When we go to prison they will ask you to testify against me, you should.” – Javi
“Lightning doesn’t strike twice. We are in the same place.” –  Javi
Javi and Christian are discussing getting the keys to the handcuffs. “If you really love someone let them go.” Christian tells Javi. They’re discussing Javi letting go of Letty. It’s not like Javi hasn’t tried to before. He understands the life he leads could end badly. He loves Letty and he wants more than that for her. Christian makes a point to him. Rhonda already has her in custody. It will be hard to convince her. “If I go back to prison, I’ll never come back better. Only managed.” – Letty
They played the drinking game. Everyone is asleep but Javi and Letty. I’M SO UPSET. Javi mouths. “GO NOW. JACOB.” It’s not even a minute later Letty gets caught. The Holiday Inn guy comes into the room. It wakes up Christian and Agent Lashever up. Letty turns around puts her hands up. (This is what Christian and Javi were just discussing! My. Heart. Breaks.)
Letty picked up Javier at the same street he picked her up last season and it ended with a Rihanna song. The parallels from Season 1 are staggering. They are meant to be together.
“I think you are a magician.” – Javi to Letty
Good Behavior: I think it’s a sign thoughts:

  • Three cheers for Christian punching that obnoxious Agent FBI Back up! He has no right to talk to his woman that way. Rooting for Christian and Rhonda.
  • Three cheers for Rob! He is the biggest cheerleader and truth-teller for both Javier and Letty. Estelle, I am very disappointed in you.
  • Ava and Teo. I still can’t shake my “bad vibes” on Teo. He’s playing the two sides of the fence card. Javi’s friend and enemy. Which one will he choose ultimately?
  • I am so addicted to the chemistry of Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego-Botto. Jetty is “IT” for me.
  • Anna Dowd is the comic relief of the show. We can all agree on that. Last night she shined again. BRAVA.
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES BY,  Juan-Diego Botto, Michelle Dockery, Terry Kinney, Ann Dowd, Maria Botto, Joey Kern, Lusia Strus and Juan Riedinger.

I hope you enjoyed my review of “Good Behavior”: “I think it’s a sign.”