The Walking Dead (S08E03) "Monsters" (Spoiler Free)

All out war continues picking up with King Ezekiel talking about having faith in each other and training, while being outnumbered by the Saviors.  In flash forwards and flashbacks at the same time (the show’s starting to feel a little like Lost with these editing choices) that can be a bit confusing at first glance, its showing the King smiling and explaining why he’s smiling when they’re so gravely out numbered.

Meanwhile, Rick is confronting Morales from season one, who at one time was one of the leaders of the original group from Atlanta.  He’d left season one when he decided to take his wife and kids to family in Birmingham, Al.  Apparently he didn’t make it to his original destination either.  (Rick and his group were heading to Ft. Benning originally when they first met Hershel and his family when Carl got shot season2.)
Morales couldn’t believe Rick from Atlanta was the same asshole Rick the Saviors have a price on, but could tell right away he wasn’t the same Rick from Atlanta.  Rick talks about having lost Lori, Andrea, Jim, Shane to name a few but Morales says it doesn’t matter.  To have lasted this long they both have done horrific things.

Doing horrible things to survive is definitely the question this episode, and have Morgan, Tara, and Jesus at odds after a group of Saviors surrender and Jesus wants to bring them back to the Hilltop instead of executing them.

After that, we head back to The Hilltop where Gregory has the audacity to talk his way back in after betraying Rick and Maggie in the first episode.  He gets in the gates when Jesus and the captive Saviors come back and is brazen enough to still act like he’s in charge.

This season has a lot of callbacks to season one, and according the Scott Gimble, we’re going to see that play out the whole season.  How far do you go to survive before you loose yourself and become a monster anyways?  That seems to be the question on Jesus mind and the writers of the shows minds as they bring up old favorites like Morales and by bringing them back as completely different people.  What do you guys think?  Is Officer Friendly still alive in Rick somewhere?  Or has he become Shane or worse at this point?  Is he still trustworthy and good?  Or even worse, is he a form of Neegan, willing to do anything to survive?
Let me know what you guys think of the episode and what you hope to see during the rest of the season.