Scorpion  (S04E07) "Go with the Flo(rence)"

What can I say yet another amazing episode, I doubt that the there ever will be an episode of Scorpion that I will fail to enjoy. The writers so far have delivered great episodes week after week and have managed to balance everything to make the episodes convenient for all audiences and this episode wasn’t any different. 
In this episode we first see more of Cabe’s unwillingness to actually delve into the actual matter that is affecting him. We got to see Walter give Ralph advice on girls which was a failed attempt considering how his advice backfired on him at tgat time. But nevertheless it was a scene that most fans have been waiting for more Ralph and Walter bonding time.
The team also meet their new neighbour who is annoyed by the amount of noise they generate hence unleashes a stink bomb on them which was a bad way for them to meet for the first time. 
The team’s mission was to help retain a satellite which had been hacked and a simple mission got complicated and led them to the sewer to search for a fog device. This was quite an journey for the team as we see Paige doesn’t trust Jemma (the British operative who brought them the mission) and which we later see she was right in doing so. Throughout this mission Walter seemed to be saying  things which kept on infuriating Paige.
While the rest of the team tried to tracknowledge the device Cabe and Toby try to get info out of the hacker. When they realise they wouldn’t get the info they required through any of the techniques the used they trick him into revealing a part of his plan by making him believe he had succeeded in his aim.By doing so they genrage so much noise that Florence (new neighbour) comes into the garage only to see a bound man.  The episode title is quite humorous and relates well with the events of the episode .
Florence tries to leave the garage because she’s scared of what the team is capable of after seeing that but Toby rushes after her to convince her they are the good guys. But all he managed to do was scare her more and she left the garage.
Sly ends up getting in harms way while trying to retrieve the device. This scene had us on the edge if our seats since we weren’t quite sure that he would make it out alive but fortunately Walter was able to save him by redirecting the laser of the satellite which was aimed at a nuclear plant from hitting the nuclear plant to the sewer which saved Sly. Had the nuclear plant been hit it would have had catastrophic results to the area and it’s immediate surroundings.
Once again Team scorpion saves hundreds of lives and back at the garage Jemma thanks the team before she leaves. The team discovers that Paige’s instincts were correct and Walter had programmed the satellite to launch into space and away from the MI6 hands.
Ralph’s crush on Patty drives him to make a watch for her to get her to notice him which actually works to his advantage and it makes us hope for a friendship between the two since they’d be an amazing duo. Walter ends up giving Paige advice on how to handle Ralph since she’s not too happy about the whole situation.  We finally learn the reasons why she’s skeptic about the whole crush situation which shows just how protective am adviced caring she is.
It’s been long since hence we saw Cabe play a father role to the team. In this episode we get to see the aspect of that but in a reversed way, we see Happy’s concern for Cabe’s mental health and the extent of it. Seeing the team go out of their way just to make sure one of them is ok just proves to show how they are one big family and that family doesn’t necessarily have to be blood.
As for Florence we see her come to inform the team that she couldn’t get out of her lease which we can’t blame her for trying to do, after all the crazy stuff she saw. She apologises to the team about the whole stink bomb issue and the team urges the team to try and limit the noise they make. At the end of that the team just discovers that maybe Florence isn’t that different from them and she also finds out the Team isn’t as bad as she had earlier thought them to be.
Finally we see Walter continue on his quest to make Paige realise just how committed he is to her, by seeing how he is trying learn how to write a song for her as a surprise. This coming from the guy who finds music as a dumb distraction. Lastly we see Paige try to show Walter how much she requires her beauty products. But Walter ends up assuring her he sees her as the most beautiful woman with or without any use of products. Which had every girl watching swoon at how romantic he could be and at the same time made a romantic scene funny as well. 
Can’t wait to see more of what is in store for the team as a whole and as for individual members but most importantly Cabe’s trial hopefully we finally get to see something about it in the coming episode.

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