The Flash (S04E05) "Girls Night Out"

I knew this episode would have some hilarious parts to it but never did I imagine laughing my ass off to almost the whole episode and be turned on to evil. Never have I ever said those words and this will be the last I say those words, if that makes sense. This episode we literally had a special guest and I was super excited for this guest cause shes one of my top 10 favorite actresses and that is Katee Sackhoff!
So this episode there was a double focus on this episode cause it was both Barry (Grant Gustin) Bachelor Party and Iris’s (Candice Patton) Bachelorerte Party. With this being a special occasion theres no doubt that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) would join in on the fun. I mean she brings the comedy every single time and I love it, she always steals the show when she shows on Flash. I always love how funny and how awesome Felicity can always be on any show wither it be Flash, or Arrow she always finds a way. But it seems like Felicity isn’t being fully honest with Oliver (Stephen Amell) which thats something I felt really was missing cause Oliver has become one of Barry’s best friends and yet he was missing. I know its probably because of his duties as a dad and mayor now but still he should’ve taken some time off and went to Barry’s Bachelor Party.
This episode also brought us a villain that shows us how good it can be to be bad. Amunet (Katee Sackhoff) was indeed the best villain of tonight. I think we all need a lot of Black Amunet in episodes of the Flash because she has literally become one of my new favorite flash villains and I can’t wait for them to bring her back. I mean the way how she commanded that metal to make the gauntlet and the shield that was badass! I so hope they bring her back for future episodes, that villain was just so cool. And plus shes played by one of my favorite actresses thats a double win in my book.
But I think everyone who reads this can agree, we all need more drunk Barry in our lives. Drunk Barry was literally the best Barry so far. Those scenes were really hilarious especially when Barry got so drunk he kept saying to everyone he was the Flash. Drunk Barry was literally the best, absolutely the best. Especially when Cisco (Carlos Valdes) asked Sad Flash what the matter was and Barry responded he loves chicken wings so much. But when he said chicken wings I think he meant Iris, but it was still hilarious.
We also got an understanding  of how it works with Killer Frost and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) personality changes. The ability went from being in full control to now being a split personality trait. Which I find that very interesting, I never thought they would go this direction with Killer Frost but they did and its interesting. But it could mean more danger for Team Flash, but we shall see in future episodes. I still love Killer Frost though but Amunet took my full love this episode.
Next Episode: The Flash(S04E06): “When Harry Met Harry…” airs Tuesday November 14, 2017 at 8/7c on The CW