A Bad Mom's Christmas

The moms are back at it just in time for Christmas, and this time we see them in action with their own moms.  And believe me, you don’t want to miss this battle of wits.

Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell), and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) are back in this Christmas Special.  5 days before Christmas their moms, ( Christine Baranski as Ruth, Amy’s mom, Cheryl Hines as Sandy, Kiki’s mom, and Susan Sarandon as Isis, like the terrorist group, also know as Carla’s mom) invade the normally quiet suburbs of Chicago.
The battle of wits starts immediately between Amy and Ruth, Amy wanting a quiet, mello Christmas, and Ruth wanting a perfect, Christmas caroling, Original Russian Version of the Nutcracker Watching, party for 200 people with Kenny G on Christmas Eve kind of holiday.
Kiki’s mom Sandy arrives earlier than expected, and completely smothers Kiki from the first hug almost til the last.  She gets the same haircut as Kiki, wears pjs and sweaters with Kiki’s face on them, and is totally obsessed with being near her every waking moment.
Isis, Carla’s rock and roll, roll through town only when needing money, take life as it comes, mom rolls in completely unexpected. She rolls in on a tractor trailer and is just as destructive as a tornado.
Each of the mother/daughter combos have very different relationships with each other and they way they interact is different because of that.  Ruth, Amy’s mom, is very WASP-ish and a perfectionist, demanding perfection in everyone around her, spoiling her grandkids, which pisses Amy off to no end.
Sandy, Kiki’s mom, makes Kiki look normal and like she has her stuff together.  She’s clingy, needy, and has absolutely no boundaries which become a big point of contention for their relationship when she buys the house right next door (among other things).
Isis is the blow wherever the wind blows, weed smoking, gambling addicted mother that comes to call whenever she needs to borrow money.  She rolls into town not even knowing it’s Christmas, trying to scam Carla out of another 15 grand.  Other than that, she and Carla have a pretty decent relationship despite having major abandonment issues from Carla.
The movie is just as funny as the first, and if you haven’t seen Bad Moms, yoionu can still see this one and not be lost.  There’s no inside jokes, and it’s completely stand a lone.  I just wouldn’t take young kids to watch it.
I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves dirty jokes, stripper Santas, butting heads with overbearing moms, and dropping lots of F bombs.