Blade of The Immortal Review

Blade of The Immortal is the recent film from director  Takashi Miike who did films like Ichi The Killer, Audition,13 Assassins . The film is also based on a manga that I have yet to read but might try to due to how much I enjoyed this film.
The basic plot for Blade of The Immortal is about samurai by the name of Manji who get hired by this this little girl for revenge against the gang of samurai that killed her father and rape her mother all because the little girl father would not summit to the samurai gang leader.At first  Manji dose not want to help her because all he want to be is left alone but he decide to do it anyway to be her bodyguard,trainer, and her tool of  revenge against these people.
Now the thing about Manji character that make his story really compelling is the fact he can not be killed no matter what happens to him. The reason for this is fifthty year before he met this little girl  he was on the blink of death after killing a army of people for killing his sister but before he was able to die this character by the name of Yaobikuni saved him by giving him these things called Blood Worms that allow him to repair himself no matter the damage.
One of the things that I loved about this movie  is how the film starts out in black and white like a old samurai film then goes from being in black and white to color which I thought was very neat.The only time I have seen something similar is   in Kill Bill vol 1.
One other thing I need to talk about with this film is how violent it is and omg is this film bloody from the opening frame to the last shot of the film this film dose not let anyone down on the violence level that it brings. The battles and sword play action in this film are awesome along with being epic on a grand scale. Blade Of The Immortal is a revenge tale soak in blood from beginning to end.
While this film may not go down as classic I can totally see this film becoming a cult classic much like the director others films I named at the beginning of this review. Blade of The Immortal is a high recommend for anyone looking for a good samurai revenge film from beginning to end.
I would give Blade Of The Immortal a 5/5
You can rent this movie on demand or using PlayStation Network if you can’t find a theater near you showing it