Bull (S02E07) "No Good Deed"

The bell rings.  It’s test time. 1f55b - Bull (S02E07) "No Good Deed" A teacher looks @ the clock and notices a student’s missing.  It’s Tyler Young  He arrives 1/2 hour later. The teacher’s concerned, for this is a critical testing moment. It can be a game changer for Tyler.  #college.   

The test are turned in. No one can see them or touch ’em, till the courier picks ’em up. She takes the risk.  She needs to make sure Tyler made @ least a 65 for admission & scholarship to a local college. She enters a room; 5 other teachers are there already.  

Across town, Bull & Marissa are @ a Mayoral fund raiser.  Bull gets in a bidding war after boredom drinking & “wins” a carriage ride with the Mayor.  
He’s approached as he’s writing an $8k check by the Mayor’s chatty aide (Dave Quay) He’s asked to see the teacher who’s accused of cheating & fixing a test. #afavor.  
Lacey Adams (Samantha Marie Ware) age 27, is a Yale grad. Shes on the carpet facing 10 years for changing the answer on one test for one kid. There are 5 others, who claim they’re innocent. She’s the only one who’s confessed!  
Sidebar: Apparently teachers “cheating”  is a common practice in school districts! ” I never knew!” #teachercheaters. 
Lacey’s father works in International finance 💵 & the family is rich. She’s old money & beyond bougeouis. Yet she’s humble & loves teaching. She even buys school supplies out of her own pocket & goes to the student’s homes for tutoring!  #truebeliever 
Bull wants to go with the cheating is a “Necessity Defense”… the “Doing sum’n wrong to make it right”    
Ms. Kinsey (Betsy Aidem) union appointed law, is for the defense. She wants to go after the actual testing as unfair and discriminatory; putting the school board and State on trial to change it.   They agree to disagree and will go with the unprecedented, “Necessity Defense”  
Later, Kinsey goes off script, making it clear, they’re not working together! #personalagenda.
In bed,  Marissa wakes up to find Kyle going thru her personal papers. He claims he’s worried about her & needs to know she’s ok financially and set for the  future. He finds she has less than $100k in savings. He can make her a mint if she invests her $75k #conman And so right here I see the rat. I’ll not be surprised when he cleans out her account & jets. Get the popcorn🍿  
Marissa’s 1st mind is to kick Kyle out & call the police.  She doesnt. In my experience, always “follow your 1st mind” *sigh #smoothcriminal. 
ADA Newhall,(Andres Munar) is wanting the 5 teachers who changed the answers, moreso than Lacey, thou she’s the only one who confessed.  
Newhall is willing to let Lacey walk with her job & Tyler’s scholarship;  if she tells on the other 5!  Yet the conundrum is whether to save herself & Tyler or turn on her colleagues? #sellout.   
She declines, claiming to be “the architect of her own destiny” & Kinsey withdraws. She won’t support a suicide mission. ‘Didn’t see that coming!   
I must say,  from the beginning, if this had turned out “not guilty” I would not have bought it. She changed a question to ensure her student’s future. I get it. AND it was still against the law. She didn’t steal an apple or chocolate bar to stop someome from going into a diabetic coma!  
Furthermore, Tyler was late. Why not petition to take it another time?  Request to extend the testing; do over?! Why didn’t she take the deal?  Tyler’s schooling woulda’ been restored & that was the whole point, yes?!  
Yes, this is my least favorite episode in…forever.  ‘too many questions, have I. 
And so Lacey is guilty of perjury, fraud, tampering with  government documents with intent to deceive.  The”Necessary Defense” wasn’t…necessary!  Tyler’s scholarship is revoked. “No Good Deed; goes unpunished”  as the saying goes. This episode is no exception. 
However, I do appreciate  the intent.  She broke the law, in her attempt to bring “Love to the Law”  The Law won.  
One month later, Bull takes the carriage ride…with the chatty aide of the Mayor; she’s too busy.  
He reveals, shady dealings & pork belly politics between the Mayor & …Lacey’s father! What?!   
Bull, armed & dangerous with this information, jumps out of the carriage after making a demand the Mayor sees to it that Tyler gets scholarship’d into his local college. DEAL!  
♫”Feeling All Right”♬ Joe Cocker, kicks in the background, as Bull jumps  It feels right & puts the episode back on the plus side! 👌  
Bull airs, Tuesdays, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time