Riverdale (S02E05) "When a stranger calls"

Following up on last week’s episode we get to hear more of the convo between Betty and the Black Hood and one thing we know for sure is he is hella creepy. The Black Hood gives Betty some tasks to do in order for her to gain his trust and Betty is torn on whether to do it or not. On one hand she wants to get to know the Black Hood and get to uncover his mystery and at the same time she doesn’t want to hurt the people close to her.
Torn by not being able to tell neither Jug nor Vee about her predicament as per the Hood’s instructions Betty turns to Archie and confides in him. This episode fed Barchie fans well and we get to see more of their friendship which us a win for both the shippers and the Brotp shippers.The first task given to her was to write an article on her mom’s old mugshot of her as a serpent.  This would embarrass Alice and at first she’s opposed to it despite Archie urging her to do so. But she later gives in when she gets into an argument with Alice and finally writes the article which gets one of her answers answered by the Hood. 
The Lodges seem to be having a financial situation which requires them to have investors so they end up calling the Sinclairs, a family friend of theirs. The Sinclair’s son Mike who turns out to be a good friend of Veronica from NY and he stirred things during his stay. Veronica ends up giving Mike a tour around Riverdale and introduces Mike to all of her friends, he decides to throw a party in his suite and invites all of them and at first Betty is hesitant to go with the whole Black Hood issue .
Mike and Archie seem not to be getting along and it puts a strain on the party but the best part of the party IMO was when Betty blew up on Veronica. She blasted Veronica so bad that all of the attenders were in shock. This was all due to the Black Hood’s sick notion of not wanting to share her with people who aren’t worthy of her. The saddest part was that Betty had no one to console her and when Archie tried to reason out with Veronica she blasted him at least she had people to comfort her. 
Alice becomes the Town’s laughing stock after the article being published and we see Hal finally take charge as the father of the house and reprimand Betty. The whole article stuff hurt Alice so much which made Betty mean as she didn’t deserve her past being dragged up.  But as for Alice nothing will bring her down and we see her rock her new title at the party hosted by the Lodges. She literally left everyone speechless ss everyone expected her to hide away in shame but she walked in with her head held high which just makes us love her even more.
During the party Mike drugs Cheryl and tries to take advantage of her. We already disliked him after the stunt he pulled with Veronica and he goes stright ahead and does something worse. I’m just glad the Pussy Cats were able to stop him before  he did anything. It was amazing they covered an important issue and at the same time promoted girl power . I’m dissapointed in the writers giving Cheryl this storyline after her attempted suicide but who knows maybe this means we’ll see more of her and her getting stronger hopefully. 
Betty gets informed on Cheryl’s situation and she came to offer her support her. It was nice seeing everyone come together to support Cheryl despite their differences.  Berry also assure Veronica that she shouldn’t blame herself for Mike’s actions. 
Betty seems to be going through her own trials when the Hood asks her to break up with Jug. Hats off to Lili Reinhart’s phenomenal perfomance in this episode she perfectly portrayed Betty’s heart break. Betty lacks the courage to be break up with Jug so stronger he asks Archie to do it for her.
As for Jug he decides to join the serpents to protect his friends and prevent the serpents from doing stupid things, the whole initiation ceremony for the serpents was kinda cringey . Archie goes to South side to break the news to Jug and catches him wit the serpents and realises that Jug wants to join the serpents this enrages him.
It was kinda hypocritical of him to get mad at Jug for joining the serpents after theIR fight but considering he pulled a gun on them and was practically willing to fight that they were justified. The whole situation makes him mad that he breaks the news to Jug a little harshly which broke Jug’s heart. At first Jug is hesitant to believe him but he quite literally says that with Jug joining the serpents he’s not good enough for Betty. I’m sure if Betty heard how he broke the news to Jug she’d be pretty pissed and the worst part was Archie didn’t feel sorry for doing that to his friend. 
The news drives Jug even harder to complete his initiation and when it’s complete he gets a serpent tattoo to seal his fate. Tony jokes about Betty not being pleased with it and Jug informs her that she broke up with him and Tony kisses him. The writers are in some serious heat from Bughead fans if they decide to pursue this storyline. 
The Hood calls Betty and informs her he knew she’d been telling Archie about their conversations which is creepy since it shows just how much he is stalking her. He informs her that he’s upset with her and he’d make Poll her next target with the whole incest issue unless she gives him another target. At first she didn’t want to give in to his whims but his threats get to her and she finally gives Mike’s name to the Hood, with which the Hood tells her they aren’t any different the two of them. It makes you wonder if the Hood knows of her dark side.
The hints the writers threw at us in this episode make us wonder if the Hood is related to Betty. I think I speak for almost the whole fandom when I say this episode was AMAZING and if the writers keep at it everyone will be hooked with the  show. 
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