The Gifted (S01E06) “got your siX”

This week’s episode of The Gifted doled out a hearty helping of relationship developments, with a light sprinkling of action that the series is becoming known for. It was nice to see Reed get some quality time with Andy, with Marcos adding his own unique perspective to their discussions. Andy is growing steadily as a character, as is his control over his powers. Seeing him volunteer to go on the mission knowing that he could be an asset shows his increasing confidence, especially as this is his first outing with out his sister.
Meanwhile Lauren is trying to become more engrained in the Underground, attempting to train under Polaris. Caitlyn intervened in protest, and it is clear that her over protective nature could be a detriment to her children’s mutant development. One can only hope that she will soften to the training soon, as the Underground needs all the help it can get.
While not many questions were answered this episode, it is revealed that the X-Men chose ThunderBird to be a part of the Mutant Underground. This makes them more connected to current events, hopefully with some members appearing in the future. Should they show up it could also signal a return for The Brotherhood, but only time will tell. Something so significant is likely to happen far down the line but it is something to look forward to. With 7 episodes left there is certainly time for team members from either side to pop up, and it would be awesome to see how our current group of rebels would handle their re-emergence.