Arrow: (S06E04) "Reversal" and (S06E05) "Deathstroke Returns"

The best thing about every single show that isn’t Arrow is that dead characters stay dead, meanwhile Laurel (Katie Cassidy) keeps on creeping back, which isn’t great for somebody who doesn’t like her – the good or the bad kind of her, both of them should disappear, actually, if you ask me.
Olicity is back on, but as soon as that happened, other problems started appearing, such as the hactivist master planning to kill 4% of the population with evil Laurel by his side and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) being “summoned” to save the world. Of course Oliver (Stephen Amell) had the instant need to protect her, which was a good thing, for a change! He gave her good advice and later on – he was her ears and eyes (tehnically, he was her Overwatch), which was of great help. It was nice.
Though the Arrow team didn’t succeed entirely, because our boring villains had a moment of triumph. Having said that, we will most likely have to see these two again … Just how great is that? Not?
I’m sorry for sounding like I hate everything in this show, I truly don’t. I always give Arrow a chance, each season, by every beginning … But with time, I want more and they hardly deliver in such ways. I don’t like these new villains, but I do like old ones. Tehnically – Slade (Manu Benett) is an old villain. He plays for the good team now! And he was back for the fifth episode! Oliver then helped him find his son, in Kasnia, but Slade wouldn’t be Slade if he didn’t drug Oliver and go on the mission all by himself. He then realized trying to save his son was a waste of time, since he is the boss of the organisation that Slade thought kidnapped him.
Meanwhile, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) ran into a familiar face as well, who was supposed to be dead, her partner Vincent Sobel (Johann Urb). He is now targetting the councilwoman Pollard (Laara Sadiq). Well … He isn’t a good guy, so he probably won’t be getting back with Dinah, but he might appear sometime in the future, as all characters always do in Arrow. Slade might come back, too, especially with the storyline that Arrow now opened.
The FBI agent is also gunning for people – for the Arrow team, to be specific. She interrogated them all and made assumptions. It doesn’t look like she will give up anytime soon. To tell you the absolute truth, I hope she breaks through, just because Arrow is in need of a plot twist. It has become too predictable by constantly saving all of these characters.
The fifth episode was more fun than the fourth one, so Arrow didn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth in the end. Let’s tune in next time.