NCISNOLA (S04E07) "The Accident"

En route to a State game  tailgate, a man and boy sit in a traffic jam.  The man gets out of the car, shooting—after he appears to be rear ended. The young boy is screaming, “dad, dad!” Dad’s killed by the security 

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Sebastain & Lasalle are @ the scene. Loretta finds a recent incision on the side of the shooter’s neck. His name is Gabriel Ridley (Jeremy Harrison) he has an implant in his head & his brain was hacked.

Gregorio & King are @ the hospital for Patton. He’s missed the landing, while paragliding. What?! He’s ok. Gregorio is worried, annoyed and upset. Especially after she’s told he Skydives and Bungee Jumps, too! However,  he’s not bound by the chair and calls himself “Triple P” We’re reminded through out the episode, his Dare Devil antics caused his paralysis. #irony   

Marlene Bell (Ajarae Coleman) runs the paragliding bizness & checks in on Patton. I think she likes him. #ditto It’ll be nice for Triple P to have…other recurring interest. 

Meanwhile back at the lab, Loretta finds Ridley had PTSS and was tryna control it without drugs, ergo the implant. This leads the team to Bioresearch of New Orleans. They’re the “go to” and the only ones in the area with this kind of  scientific knowledge.

Dr Anna Yoon, (Kelly Hu) is in charge of the research campaign and the DBS (Data Base Study) clinical trials. Ridley’s numbers were off the charts just before he went off. Concern: there are 5 others implanted. The hacking makes them walking time bombs! Oh and Anna is also Patton’s ex wife, one of  3. She’s  his least fav.  He’s upset with just the mention of her name. 

Pride goes to Patton, who is excercising up a sweat, by the way! He’s pissed & never wants to talk about Anna…ever again!  Yet “for God and Country” they work it out.

Sidebar: I must say,  I never sensed nor saw an intense hatred or even a strong dislike between the ex’s, although they tried to pull it off. There was absolutely nothing to make me believe they’re that pissed off with each other. #unbelievable. Never the less:

A Max Cahill comes up as a suspect, per Lt. Krista Vreeland (Katherine Crawford) a tech specialist, with an implant. She’s eager to have her’s removed, for she doesn’t like the way it makes her feel, especially towards Max.  She wants to hurt him! It’s so intense,  she thinks he’s messing with her head on purpose!,

At Bio, Patton STAMMERS when he meets Anna. She’s beautiful and he’s still mad. However, DBS is now locked out of their system, with no control over the subjects. The 5 implants as walking time bombs, just got real! 💣. For example, Krista’s numbers read red for anger! Find her, she’s ready for murder!

Sidebar: No mention of Percy. 

They find Krista’s place ransacked & broken. Later, she’s found standing near Max, “what have I done?,” She doesn’t remember. His head is bashed in by a brick. However, the brick has no prints. She’s not the killer, she’s being set up. 

Patton & Anna talk & he takes responsibility for the accident that paralyzed him. ‘Drinking, then driving his boat @ top speed. #dontdrinkanddrive  Apology accepted. #grouphug & they’e still unbelievable.

When in doubt & looking for “who dunnit” always follow the 💰 money & look close! It’s her partner, of course. The lives taken are collateral damage; acceptable losses as a means to a very prosperous end. (seems to be an ongoing theme) #noremorse #greed

Meanwhile Anna & Patton are trapped in the lab @ Bio by the gunman. He’ s gassing up the lab, for an “accidental explosion”. In a daring move Patton “paraglides” down onto the lower level, lands on the perp and starts the beat down!  Pride then shoots him and Patton asks Marlene out for coffee. She accepts.

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