Empire (S04E05) "The Fool"

Lucious is back and Dwight, although not dead, returns to sleep. 💤 Hopefully the greater of both personalities will be integrated. 
We open with The Lyons in a practice deposition in prep for Bella’s custody. . The family argues on how to appear less damaged (too late) They’re their own worst enemy.
During this session, Cookie gets a call to turn on the telly;  TMZ has put Lucious on blast, telling of his illness & memory loss. There was a leak. #dianadubois
This puts the Empire Board up Cookie’s ass!  Shareholders & all things financial are @ risk and skerred  regarding Lucious’ mental state.  She grabs Lucious and takes him to the offices to calm their shattered nerves.
Andre is in bed & sleeping with the enemy…Pamela.  ewww. 😷  He appears to be so lost this season.  Pam is a cop & just doing what needs to be done to close this case. I don’t know what he really expects. #trulove? Where’s Nessa?
For example, she not only sleeps with him, she psyches him out; by claiming Shine is throwing shade & he needs ” to get in front of it”  What?!
With a ” L” on the forehead,  Andre runs to Shine, who denies everything, “he aint no snitch”  Right here I ask, where are the cameras, recording this!  #youdisappointmefredo
Meanwhile, Cookie agrees to let the press follow Lucious for 48 hours, to showcase his still in tact genius & creativity, that also addresses the competency scare.
Becky shadows, Shine is dismissed, he loves Veronica 🎤 and when he personally goes for his one true homey & Master Producer,  Eddie Barker  (Forrest Whitaker ) Board minds are  put @  ease. Eddie’s on board to consult with Cookie, pending Lucious’  full recovery 💯
Sidebar: It’s good to see Lucious with a true friend.  Cookie needs one, desperately.  Hell, they all do!
And a friend indeed, Tiana proves to be. Hakeem secures a private jet & fake passports to run, in fear of losing Bella. He’s going to Cuba. T agrees to go with him,  but tells mama instead. Cookie stops him. #theyrestrongertogether
Lucious gets into a zone of “making music ” sights, sounds, mind, Innervisions & Reflections, all in colors. It’s called, synesthesia. “I never knew” It’s divine. #synesthesia 
The hand painting is messy & beautiful. The design is selected as the cover for the Anniversary drop. It’s a nicer moment of the show.  #trueart
This obviously opens his heart & mind so wide, he begins to remember thibgs in living color.
Caught up in the moment,  with creative juices flowing, in paint & reminiscent of the “Ghost” pottery scene; Lucious paint dances with Claws.  #swaying #sensuality. #Sexy  He’ s happy  He declares his love to his one true love & muse…COOKIE!  They have paint sex. (Lucious & Cookie; Claws & Dwight 🙃)
In the aftermath Claws is aglow. Lucious is not, she misunderstood. He makes it clear, “she ain’t the one!”  “I’m Lucious” &  promises to send her a check. ✋#talktothehand
Not bad; not bad at all! Empire airs, Wednesdays, 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time