How to Get Away With Murder (S04E07) “Nobody Roots for Goliath”

This week is my favorite episode of the season so far for one simple reason Colliver. I am here for every adorable scene between those two and this episode delivered in spades.

Let’s focus on our lovebirds for a bit. To start with, we see them being ridiculously cute in their bed tent. Connor is happy for once, excited to be working with Annalise to do something for the little guy. I loved when he told Oliver, “if this is boring we should have signed up long ago.” Later in the episode Oliver escapes his “other life” for a bit by coaxing Connor back into the sheet cocoon- not that much coaxing is needed. This part was tough for me, I love them together but the tint of deception just hurts to see. This deception comes to a head near the end of the episode after Connor has set up the most beautiful living room fort ever. Connor, in a state of innocent bliss proposes to Oliver with a twisty tie “You let me be me, but you make me a better version of me.” Swoon. Then crash because Oliver, crying, can’t accept and comes clean instead. I’m wishing the next episode was here already so we can move past the fallout already.

As for our leading lady, Annalise decides to cut off therapy sessions with Isaac after meeting his ex-wife. She’s concerned that she will be his trigger, but those two are already so intertwined. I’m not really feeling it though, the show keeps telling us that they have “feelings” for each other but I really feel like the two actors don’t have a whole lot of chemistry together. Maybe I’m still hung up on Annalise and Nate. Anyways, moving on. In court Annalise chooses to sit alone opposite the Attorney General’s team. We get our episode title when she leans back to Connor and explains why she doesn’t want him up there with her, “nobody roots for Goliath”. The AG is out for blood, getting straight into attacking Annalise’s character, ie her drinking.

They even go so far as to whip out a photo of her holding a half empty bottle of scotch. Which was so obviously a set up as to be ridiculous. Which Annalise promptly proves with a little surprise help from ADA Denver – the enemy of my enemy and all that. At this point we see Bonnie sink to yet another low, approaching the AG with the aim of destroying Annalise. 2 tricks come out of this – a bottle of vodka (Annalise’s actual drink of choice) is left IN her house (super creepy) and then Isaac is called into the courtroom. Bonnie and the AG plan to bring Annalise’s dirty laundry to air but Isaac covers for Annalise.

This is such a disgusting act by Bonnie, she tries to cover to Nate, acting like she knew Isaac would choose that but i don’t believe that for a second. She’s far down a very dark path. After they get a win in court Annalise goes to see Isaac to find out why he covered for her. She finally tells him why she stopped seeing him and … we’ll find out next time.

Meanwhile the plotting four is now a six, recruiting Frank and Asher to help out. Asher was again the voice of reason in every argument with Michaela. She tries to convince him that by lying she was protecting him, but I literally wanted to celebrate when he said, “everything bad that happens to us happens when people start keeping secrets.” Seriously. Y’all the “dumb” frat boy is the smartest one around. He was breaking my heart in his almost breakup scene with Michaela, we’ve all probably been with people who wanted us to be something other than we are and Matt McGorry absolutely shined portraying how that feels.

Michaela’s pleading, “I don’t want you to be my Barack, I just want you to be my Asher”, showed that she was finally understanding what he was feeling. This is confirmed when she pulls out her crazy expensive wedding dress and with Asher squirts ketchup all over it. Which, I get the symbolism and all but geez, sell that thing!!

Asher convinces Laurel to fess up to Frank, and with a little “if you love the real me”, she’s able to convince Frank to get on board with the plan. Not that Frank ever needs much of a push to follow Laurel.

So now that our group of intrepid heroes (?) is up to 6 – and maybe 7 now that Connor knows the truth – we should see real movement in bringing down Laurel’s dad. Onward!

image from @howtogetawayABC